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Thursday, 19 June 2014

The KKK of Canadian Medicine

The President of the CMA


The Grand Wizard of the White Brotherhood

He changes to Green for the OR


My regular readers wil have noticed that a great deal of my recent focus has been on Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti, the current President of the Canadian Medical Association. I checked him out when I first noticed  him and he seemed a very brilliant and compassionate man. I watched his acceptance speech after his appointment as President of the CMA last spring and I was disappointed with the focus of his Presidency enhancing the image of a Doctor: not in the eyes of the public but as seen by the Profession: a polishing of their self image?


I next saw him last month as he presented himself at an interview in the Huffington Post. The article was to find out  the course he was advocating to his membership at the CMA, in his role as President, concerning the crisis in Medical Marijuana. I was stunned by his presentation as an ignorant buffoon with stupid, short, off the cuff answers to questions that deserved a professional response. His answers suited his presentation as an ignorant Asshole and I named him one here in my blog. His answers can be summed up in one sentence: His advice to his membership:

“Don’t sign an application for Cannabis!

Anyone who claims Marijuana has any Medical benefit is a liar!”

 I could not understand why he turned his coat until:

1.    I ran across a Stats Canada report on Canadian Mortality related to the medical condition requiring attention that caused the death.

2.    I read another column that set the Cost of Canadian Medical Care at an estimated $212 Billion; set the average income of Canadian Physicians at $250K with a range from $200K-307

3.    I read another column that moaned that the debt burden of graduates from Canadian Medical school was excessive and accounted for years of time delay and low physicians salaries to reach a level with any significant profit. Poor guys!

It’s all bullshit.

Dr. Francescutti is a brilliant man with a depth of knowledge that is truly amazing. I read several of his replies to questions at a meeting of the Health Committee and several other addresses to various groups. My conclusion is that Dr. Francescutti probably knows more about the benefits of Cannabis therapy than any one of us reading this. A man as brilliant and curious as he is does not sit in a position of ignorance in the middle of a propoganda war for 12 years. There  has been an exponential rise in testimonial evidence that marijuana has many benefits. There has also been an exponential rise in scientific studies by disciplines outside medicine all over the world he discounts because they do not meet the statistical support of a Big Pharma drug. He refuses to accept that it is not a drug but an herb with no known risks from its use.


It’s an act! Dr. Lou is fully aware that if the public see him in his suit and being the expert speaker he is they will know he is intentionally lying and not believe anything he says. If his public image is that of a Harley riding wanna be redneck who fires off answers without thinking his audience will think he’s a short term idiot that somehow got elected and he’ll be gone in less than a year. They might even forgive the membership a pass for simply being cowards afraid of his punitive side. It’s a simple delay tactic and that is all he and the CMA simply want: a time extension of its dismissal of Cannabis as a Cure because the potential loss of business.

Both he and the rest of the AMA are fully aware that Cannabis Can Cure Cancer. The last thing the medical profession wants is a cure for any condition requiring repeat medical care. It bulldozes their bottom line.

Cannabis Cures Cancer

The Stats Canada report on Mortality showed me that 40% of the entire cost of the Canadian Medical System was due to one single cause - Cancer. That is a huge chunk of money but how much is that?

The next column identified that the cost of the entire Medical System was $212 Billion and 40% amounted to $84 Billion for Cancer. That is a terrible financial monster the Medical Profession has become.

Just how terrible is almost unimaginable. The 84 billion is the cost to the state of all the doctors rendered services, in effect their salaries, and a job loss of 40% of the profession is not to be ignored. Already these articles are pointing out how hard it is to get by on their salaries of an average of about $250,000 with a maximum of $307,000. They are also moaning about how hard it is for Medical Graduates to repay huge student loans to cover their education on a salary range for residents of only $50,000-$80,000.


I will be commenting on these in a later post but please understand that the 84 billion for salaries is the tip of the iceberg. What about the loss of 40% to the mountain of investments they own in their interlocked snarl of Doctor Incorporated Businesses that owns almost all of the physical medical system of supply and demand and depends on repeat patient visits and care needs as its base of earnings.

How big are those investments? HUGE!! Go to: Cannabis Cures Cancer at


More to follow:

Blaine Barrett