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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Rational Suicide- Part 3

Rational Suicide- Part 3

A Consideration of End-Of-Life Concerns

We Are All Going To Die

“How” Should Be Our Choice

The Last Six Stages to Death

Ageing= Love, independence, Pain, Dignity, DNR, Faith

The Canadian Medical Association has finally begun to realize that they are going to be hit with an overload of Dying Old Farts in the near future. They have been engaged in a series of Town Hall Forums across Canada in partnership with MACLEANS magazine to gather and assess the facts about End-Of-Life treatment in order to handle and devise a plan to deal with the problem. Unfortunately only the readers of MACLEANS were aware that they were all televised and could have been watched online. To this point there have been 4 meetings and MACLEANS fortunately has recorded all of them and they can be seen at the link referenced at the conclusion of this post.

1.    Feb 20-      St.John’s, NL
2.    March 24-  Vancouver, BC
3.    April 16-     Whitehorse, YT
4.    May 7-        Regina, SK

They present a stellar group of expert caretakers that have been gathered from nearly all aspects of Terminal Patient Care: Physicians, Nurses, Social workers, Hospital staff, Hospice manager, Nursing home and assisted living volunteers and others.

They are missing the fact it is doubtful the resources they are counting on will be available in time to handle the problem. In my opinion it didn’t matter which profession addressed the panel none of them mentioned the possibility that the growth of resources could not match the need for end-of life-care that will develop in the next thirty years because of the Bloomer Blooming that is now underway. There is no consideration in their planning for any of the threats faced by global warming reducing resources essential to support the demands of the global population. They all blithely assume that when the need arises all the facilities needed to care for our seniors will be available and paid for by somebody else. That quite simply is not going to happen.

With the current availability of resources; the growth of services required will never be met! They are too many. The cost of servicing them to support an aging population of the size anticipated is going to increase exponentially because aging requires changing residences to accommodate the differing stages we encounter with aging.

Simple examples are moving to a planned retirement home and then losing your ability to maintain the place and moving to an assisted living facility. Then you lose your mobility and here comes the wheelchair crowd at the old fogy’s joint and then inability to care for your personal needs and then back to the hospital and the doctors who will make your exit in a cloud of pain killers to handle surgery, radiation, and the horrible agony of chemotherapy side effects.

There are all kinds of needs and endings but the two most horrible in my mind are losing myself to Alzheimer’s, or worst of all; losing my ability to communicate and control my care then be confined to a hospital bed for as long as my personal service immigrant minimum wage girl can keep me alive. Isolation inside your own head, three tasteless feedings of hospital crap that you can then shit out and lie in until girlie comes to wipe your arse does not qualify as a “dignified death”.

Rational suicide is simply the right to get a “dignified death”, when I want one but that is another fight.

Getting back to the CMA, listen carefully to the hair splitting they do when they consider all the ways that ending a life can be done but do not qualify as “Physician Assisted”  suicide.

If you watch one of these m,ake sure you watch the opening of the series at St. Johns Fe 2, 2014. That is ½ hour and effectively is the first half hour of the following three.

I will end this post now and ask you to watch some of the middle and end discussions in the series and make up your own mind whether they are just navel gazing and ignoring external reality re resources availability.
Please check this link out and I will be back with a following post to justify the inclusion of Rational Suicide as an alternative in the End-of-Life discussion.

Until later
Blaine Barrett