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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti is an Asshole

Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti is an Asshole

He Took Off His Mask for the Huffington Post


This photograph was the lead into a recent Huffington Post interview with Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti- President of the Canadian Medical Association. Possibly it’s a clue to his arrogant self image: mounted on his charger to simulate the CMA “White Knight” (more accurately: possibly Don Quixote? )

He’s on his way to Kill the Marijuana Industry
Fucking up the
Medical Marijuana Patient Population
in the process.

He has absolutely no concern for patients and disbelieves all claims of benefit. I wrote this to publicize and confirm his bigotry by providing criticisms and answers to 11 Problems I found with statements and opinions he casually spouted during the interview. It is intended to save you a hell of a lot of time reading more garbage of a negative nature between these major sticking points

I have dealt with these 11 problems in order of their occurrence accompanied by my comment re each of them.

To begin this commentary I quote the lead paragraph of the Huffington article which establishes him as a clear enemy to our attempts to gain access to our required medication. He simply doesn’t give a shit about anyone except himself

“The head of the Canadian Medical Association had a few choice words regarding Medical Marijuana: .
“Quackery.”, “Snake oil salesmen.”, “Bad medicine.”

Problem # 1

“It makes absolutely no sense to use the word medicinal in front of marijuana,” he said.
The head of the advocacy organization has one message for Canadian doctors when it comes to prescribing marijuana: Don’t do it. 

Comment: He’s issuing an order to all Canadian physicians but has no authority to do so. He induces physician compliance via peer pressure and fear of career destruction that is gained from the sheep-like obedience to his lead and orders by the various Provincial Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons. Each of them controls the actual practice of medicine within their province and enforces discipline for violations of Policy.
Within the past 4 months all of the Canadian Colleges have enhanced policy regarding both the procedural and reporting requirement related to the conduct of treatment of any patient requesting their signature to obtain Cannabis. Any doctor who is asked now faces policies designed as a deterrent to their acceptance of the patients’ request. These policies all have extremely complex rules for treatment, examination, and all patient contact. Even if prepared to follow these extremely time consuming physical contact rules, the physician must also accept orders to waste even more time to certify his compliance for each patient contact with an extremely detailed and time consuming report of it back to the College.
In short it is designed with a cost/benefit structure that makes it extremely costly to, and of little or no benefit, to the physician.
Problem # 2
 “But without going there, please don’t expect the medical community to prescribe something that we have absolutely no clue what it does.”

Comment: No. Expect them to keep prescribing Big Pharma toxins with high kill ratios on patients. The statement they have no clue is the biggest lie ever invented. They have been privy to testimonial evidence that goes back 5000 years declaring there is no risk involved with its medicinal use. In addition in the past twelve years of the MMAR they have been barraged with claims of Cannabis manifold curative powers but not once have they even bothered to attempt to verify any of the claims, even when supported by attending Physicians!
Francescutti bluntly states that anyone claiming curative benefit from cannabis is a liar.

Problem # 3
Now a “medical document” (doctors shy from the word prescription) from a doctor is needed to get medical pot.
One of the country’s most influential doctors, Francescutti bluntly says he does not want Canada’s budding commercial cannabis industry to succeed. But a recent overhaul of the medical marijuana system by Health Canada puts physicians in the driver’s seat when it comes to determining whether the industry will grow or stagnate.
But the medical community’s opposition could be the biggest obstacle to the success of the industry.

Comment: That is what Francescutti is counting on. That gives him the power to leverage both the Government as the LPs and make them listen to the drivel and lies that he spouts.
Problem # 4
About 60 per cent of doctors surveyed by the CMA in 2012 said they seldom or never support patient requests for access to weed.

Comment: That is true but Francescutti fails to clarify that 2/3 of the respondents had never been approached by a patient or were totally disinterested. The other 1/3 had refused to sign mostly out of ignorance or out of fear of being held responsible for some imaginary future risk
Problem # 5
 “I wouldn’t know how to write a prescription for marijuana,” Francescutti said. “Like smoke till you feel happy or, like, smoke till you get the munchies?”

Just another asshole off the shoulder comment!
Francescutti trying to be funny. Not.

Ridiculous-Yes. Funny- No!
Problem # 6
MedReleaf Corp., “There is a stigma. You can’t hide that it exists: Hospitals are afraid of it; certain doctors are afraid of it,” said CEO Neil Closner.
Closner says he has talked to doctors who have expressed interest in studying the effects of marijuana only to be blocked by their bosses or hospitals. Closner said he spoke to one prominent doctor who believes medical marijuana could help people, but refused to get on board because he didn’t want his name associated with it.

Comment:  Why wouldn’t he want his name associated with Cannabis? The answer is easy: Out of fear of the reaction of Francescutti when he found out that one of his members had broken ranks and disagreed with him. There would never be a face to face confrontation, just a suggestion to that doctors’ College of some minor breach that would warrant an investigation. It does not matter that he is innocent and they will find no fault but that will be after two years of inquisition by the Disciplinary Committee and a ruined practice.
Problem # 7
However CMA president Francescutti does not buy the argument that the lack of support among doctors or absence of clinical trials is holding back the medical marijuana industry.
 “Maybe they should have thought about that before they invested millions trying to sell a product that’s never been tested. That doesn’t sound like a good business model to me,” he said.
“If this industry, which is a billion-dollar industry, is so convinced they have a good product, then maybe what they should do is provide funding to a third party that can test and see whether there are the benefits that they say.” 

Comment: Smart as Francescutti thinks he is: he is no businessman and his reasoning sucks. Marijuana has not been tested to his satisfaction but he’s just an ignorant asshole. He’s been handed a club and won’t accept the reality that as a product to sell Cannabis is ideal. There is no risk of liability in its effect on customers as proven by 5000 years of medicinal and recreational use with not one established harmful effect from any mode of use.
Cannabis has been smoked, toked, eaten or creamed on as a salve and every mode of use has demonstrated positive medicinal results. He and his whole following are simply in denial because they don’t like the truth and fear losing business.
If Francescutti wants LP’s to finance research why not make a deal and suggest that if he got out of the way and permitted their customers access; they might be able to make enough money to pay for a substantial research investment out of the profits. Research is in everyone’s interest because where it will lead has endless possibilities for more profitable derivatives.
Problem # 8
Francescutti dismisses current studies on the benefits to marijuana as unscientific. He calls the development of specific strains for specific ailments mere “quackery.”

Comment: Francescutti dismisses the positive finding of scientists with intelligence levels far above his; they are far more likely to get a Nobel nomination than he. He dismisses findings (in both biochemistry and genetics) by experts at near genius level, the products of Quackery. WTF is that?
Problem # 9
 “The last thing I want is a physician that’s pressured into providing access to an adolescent or a young adult and then unmasking a psychosis and then killing themselves or killing others or getting injured. I mean, we’re talking some known side effects like unmasking psychosis that are quite serious.”

Comment: Another Conservative tactic; Create an imaginary threat to justify their refusal. There has never been any violent incident related to a marijuana induced psychotic episode and there never will be. Why does this jerk feel forced to abandon the truth and assign threats related to methamphetamine or crack to justify his opposition to Cannabis. Serious addiction and violence have never been related to marijuana use and to even imply that is a blatant fucking lie.
Problem # 10
He also dismissed the assertions of the “subculture” of patients who swear marijuana is the only thing that works.
“There are things that can do the same thing that marijuana supposedly does,” he said.

Comment: What? He evaded that answer by implying that any potential patient could be a phoney recreational toker looking for access. I was under the impression that before you signed the medical document he wanted you would conduct a serious examination to determine if he had the qualifying symptoms. If he didn’t, you effectively would block him and not sign. All the Medical document a physician signs does is give the patient the right to obtain a license to buy and possess cannabis. The doctor signing has no responsibity for where he buys it; his dosage is what he asked for because the Dr. has no guide to how to establish dosage. The patient can buy, and above all, legally possess his medication. He can buy where he wants and how he uses it are his decisions and the physician has no influence or responsibility for what they will be.
Problem # 11
Still, some doctors are breaking away from the establishment and exploring the use of marijuana, despite the CMA’s warnings that they could be “putting themselves at risk.”
The program is under intense scrutiny from regulatory colleges across the country, and physicians who authorize the use of marijuana are going to be screened far more closely than they have been. Francescutti said those that cannot provide strong evidence to suggest marijuana as the best option could lose their licenses.
So Where are We Now?

Between a Rock and A Hard Place!

40,000 of us trying to get access to our legal medication:

One egotistical asshole is blocking our way.
I have no idea how to get rid of Francescutti until the Profession realizes that he is damaging their image. Every doctor in the country is assumed to be in agreement with their leader and accordingly, seen by the public as a fucking liar who deserves neither trust nor respect. 

At this time my license to possess has expired but I will not lower myself to kiss some Doctor’s ass to regain it. If caught with Cannabis and charged, simply showing the judge my expired license I can prove my Medical Need and get a dismissal. Even if I can’t; the fine will, in all likelihood, will be less than the fee to pay for a greedy Doctor’s scribble.

Following is a link to the complete article should you like to see it:


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