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Monday, 16 June 2014

The New Health Canada/CMA Conspiracy

Dr. Francescutti is No Asshole
He’s Just a Lousy Actor Mimicking One


In her most recent announcement of changes to the MMRP Health Minister Rona Ambrose brilliantly and effectively drove a stake into the heart of all Medical Marijuana patients and pending applicants. She is simply used a little increase in administrative requirements and costs as a deterrent to any doctor considering treating a patient. That minor increase in costs is the tipping point because besides turning treatment and appointments of a patient into cost to the doctor, it also creates fear of a monitoring process by third parties that could lead to inspection by their colleges and damage to their practice.

Francescutti clapped his approval at the increased invasion of privacy because it stops the treatment of Cannabis patients by doctors. Dr. Francescutti and the CMA are fully aware that any “Cure” for a medical condition requiring treatment means the loss of a customer and all future profits. If cannabis does cure cancer and is proven to do so then the economic damage to the Canadian Medical System will be catastrophic. No-one seems to realize that a cure for cancer is direct threat to 40% of the jobs in the system. I have known that the impact of a cure would damage the medical care system but I never realized the size of the damage.

I found out that the entire cost of Canadian medical treatment last year is fairly accurately estimated to be about $212,000,000,000 (that’s Billion). WOW! Then I stumbled across a Stats Canada report on Mortality rates that assigned a percentage to about ten categories of the causes that created that great big number. The mind blowing revelation that 40% or $84 Billion of the cost of Canadian medical care is due to one single disease-CANCER!

If no-one else in the health system is aware of the danger of job reduction; Dr. Francescutti and his 75,000 CMA members certainly are. I had Dr. Francescutti pegged as an asshole because of presentation in an interview, but he’s not. He’s a brilliant man and he’s acting a part to play his public image. More on that in a follow-up post.

The reality for all of us who want access to Medical Marijuana is that there is no way to get it without great difficulty and expense and we are forced back into breaking the law again. We are denied access because any doctor stupid enough to sign for a patient is forced to comply with extremely complex procedural interview and examination instructions from his College; combined with excessive reporting of his compliance after every visit; plus now a third party evaluation of his compliance with the procedures; having any deviation being reported back to the College; and subject to disciplinary action. Finding a doctor was difficult before Rona’s announcement but now is almost impossible.

In simple terms: treatment of a marijuana Patient means a doctor must spend excess time for both interview and examination with no additional compensation for the lost time: then you have to spend even more time writing reports of your compliance with policy with no compensation for your lost time: Then you have to submit your reports for a microscopic examination for errors by a bunch of bean counters who justify their employment by finding them. They don’t trust you even then and the LP your patient buys his medication has to report every client he has and complete details of their purchase history to make certain they haven’t omitted to report that they were writing 5 gram prescriptions instead of the maximum 3 allowed. Only a fool or a martyr is going to accept a patient and sign a prescription to allow him to purchase his meds. The consequences are all negative and in the CMA’s best interests.

In the meantime it is business as usual and the longer the “Cure” is denied the members have secure employment. The Supreme Court will rule it NFG again but until Rona and Louis are gone we are all fucked.

Rona Ambrose
Minister of Health
“We have consulted with healthcare licensing bodies who expressed a need for the data on how doctors and nurses are authorizing marijuana to their patients and in which quantities. The proposed regulatory amendments will further strengthen public health and safety by ensuring appropriate oversight and monitoring.”

As if there wasn’t enough already, she guarantee access to spyware in a doctor’s office. That’s Big Brother looking over your shoulder, Doc.:Keep your nose clean.
Dr. Trevor Theman
President: Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of
"The Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada strongly supports the proposed amendments that will enable its Members to exercise their duty in the best interest of the public. Medical regulatory authorities require access to this information so they can hold physicians accountable to a high standard of care when they choose to authorize patient access to marijuana for medical purposes."

Of course Dr. Theman strongly supports this because it’s a guarantee of work for his crew of fact checkers looking for piddley shit to report and look useful; just a wee bit of bias. It ignores the fact that there is no set standard of care for Cannabis treatment in Canada because the Medical Community who will create the standards doesn’t know shit from shinola when it comes to treatment much less dosage.
I will end this now but a follow up post will follow to examine in detail just what motivates a brilliant speaker and master of language like Francescutti try to appear like a stupid fool who can’t put more than two or three grunts together to answer a question an interview with a display of hostility and disbelief.
Until then
Blaine Barrett