I have begun to believe my mind is full of tiny little topics that act like pimples.

No one can predict the order they start to fester in, or when they’ll get ripe and burst.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Euthanasia Rears Its Head

We’re all on the downhill slope to Death

I don’t have a problem with it

I would like to die. I cost too much

And the world is going to change even faster

Attention all you pending Old Farts

Everybody In the 55+ Club

It is time for a serious change of topic: time for some old fart advice to any and all of you readers, who are at or near retirement age. You have no idea what you are facing if you plan on living to a ripe old age. I’m sorry to inform you that you are facing a rotten future full of shit that you have not considered. You are going to go through the process of ageing in a time of increasing cost and reduced resources and it is going to be no fun for anyone. I hope I am over exaggerating the future hazards but preparation can minimize or deflect some. Consider this a tutorial in survival: a lesson in reality

As a commingling problem, now Doctors are having a problem with euthanasia, and Alzheimer’s is just coming into bloom and here come the new herd of Boomers.

Let’s start this by you just retired, or will, doesn’t matter when and you figure on lasting until you’re lets say 75 and, if you’re lucky, maybe even a few years longer. Let’s consider the problem in five years chunks.

In the first five years you’ve got the problem of adjusting to a fixed income lifestyle, the more bucks the better and this is not easy. Suddenly you’re a nobody and you don’t count. Nobody wants to hear your opinion! You’re useless, nobody wants you, nobody needs you and nobody is going to be left to give a a shit when you die! If you’ve been paying attention, you have come to realize that friends and relations have been dying around you and your social life is drying up. Friends can’t come over because they’re busy with their own health and survival problems. If you are a typical 60 year old with ten family members left for support, they are probably living in ten separate cities and no real support at all.

If you’re single you’re lucky, you don’t have to care for anyone and watching a loved one wither and die is no fun! You can’t stop it. It simply takes over your life and the chains of love make you watch her suffer! There is no option

OK we made it to seventy and now we start in with the physical deterioration crap. You get weak and you get tired. You’re joints start to ache and you lose your wind. Maybe you’re stuck in a wheelchair and then there’s the old fogy’s home when you can’t take care of yourself. Have you got any idea how much it costs for an assisted living facility today. It’s beyond my means: what’s that cost fifteen years down the road? Doesn’t matter. Money doesn’t control where you go, your physical condition does and you’re a helpless passenger.

The Bible says a life span is three score and ten, and that is all anyone should want: Particularly now that Alzheimer’s is coming home to roost.

The years past seventy five are the most to be feared. They all involve losing control of your life and progressing towards a life in a bed. What is worse: a life of anonymity? Sooner or later it happens, somebody dies and you are alone. At that point you vanish. If you died there is not one solitary soul left who will give a shit much less shed a tear. You will not be missed and no will remember anything you’ve done. You might as well have never been.

You are doomed to a life dependent on strangers to feed you and clean you, perform the necessities of daily life and keep you alive as long as possible. The final insult to you is the possibility of a stroke or some other result like a coma or Alzheimer’s that prevents you communicating with the external world and you are trapped inside your own head. Then one day it happens: you die in your sleep and you either wake up to the Heavenly Choir or you don’t wake up. End of problem. No one should be afraid of dying: the peril to be feared is how you get there.


That is what I want to leave you readers with today.
Something to think about.

Docs Offside on Physician Assisted Suicide

Look at the ageing pole I painted.
Look at yourself
Ask yourself “where you want to get on the misery scale?”

Then ask yourself what if the option of euthanasia was available?

A simple request: and a surprise pill in my evening meds some day this week. Thanks.

Not so terrible is it.
More to follow
Blaine Barrett