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Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Our Doctors Deny It Does
They Are Liars!

Nearly all Social Media friends are aware that over the past several year there have been numerous announcement of cannabis involved in cures for cancer. The first I recall is Tommy Chung, then more recently Jack Kungel and now Kelly Kush is tumor free.

Cannabis Cures Cancer is a statement of fact and truth that Doctors now universally deny. They present themselves as trustworthy advisors who charge for the truth. They are liars
They are also worthy of condemnation and contempt for the usurious charges they levy for their services. Unfortunately they have a monopoly on medical service and Canadians cannot do without them.

The overall service they now provide has two components:
1.    The physical component of injury and the need for repair:  an essential area that requires the totality of their technical mastery and skill at scientific methodology and statistical analysis.
2.    Disease is the other component and here they deserve no trust when it comes to the curative powers of anything. Cannabis has marvelous curative powers but the CMA is ordering its members not to sign applications for its use citing unknown risk and a requirement they fulfill a Gateway obligation to approve its use. That is bullshit and good reason not to trust them.

Under the MMAR and now the MMPR there is no requirement for a doctor to approve or authorize marijuana use as a medication. Note there is no prescription involved, no dosage specified nor is their permission or approval requested. They are simply making a declaration that according to their judgment the applicants physical symptoms meet the criteria for legal medical possession. Nothing more; nothing less. The Gateway bull is just that. Lies!
Get the truth. Amoral idiots and cowards

The CMA’s Origin
In the Beginning:

1.    The time of the first assembly of Ethicists is unknown.
2.    The number of Ethicists attending is unknown.
3.    Its Purpose was the formation of the Canadian Medical Association

It was an ethically pure universe: cognitively aware of a parallel physical universe that had problems that could be relieved by an application of ethical purity.

The first order of business at the assembly was the election of a Board of ethicists to provide Governance and direction to the assembly at large. At the end of due deliberation they issued the first directive that while ethical purity was the objective, an integral part of  part of that purity was respect for the belief structure of others.

Unfortunately one of the beliefs of the physical universe was that motivation was the result of good work being rewarded and in the physical world the best reward was MONEY!!

The Seeds of Corruption are Sown

The First Directive of the Board with its reference to financial reward sowed the seeds of corruption deep into the core of the Board of Governors. When time came for the Second Directive there was a large enough ego component in the Board membership who believed personal financial gain was their right and they voted to incorporate.

The change in ownership to that of their corporate identity ensured internal containment of profits. Limiting investment to shares of interrelated companies providing every service and aspect of the current Canadian Medical System.

The Gordian knot

A simple example of the interlocking power of the System is the operational control of any major Hospital in the country.
A hospital is run on the basis of contracts for all the services required to make it operate. Everything:
Services- Accounting, Housekeeping, Nursing, maintenance
Supplies-  Food, Furniture, Bedding, Beds, Surgical tools, Laboratory Hardware.
Every contract is the result of a purchase order to the rigidly controlled supply chain of Physician owned corporations who can provide everything
Dr. John- President- Atlantic Bedding Manufacturing.Inc.
Dr. Fred- President- Hospital Waste Removal Services.Inc.
Dr. James- President- Medical Grocery Services.Inc.
Dr. Tom- President- Medical Trades Alliances.Inc.
Dr. Dick- President- Hospital Food Prep Services.Inc.
Dr. Harry- President- Customer Care Services.Inc.


At this point in time the Canadian Medical System is the only source of Medical treatment for all 35 million Canadians from birth to death. That applies to all Canadian residents who feel the onset of an illness or pain and want to obtain relief. They must make an appointment with a Doctor who will relieve their symptoms by prescribing treatment with a barrage of pharmacological concoctions that extend relief until the next time. There is no such thing as a cure for terminal agony. These 35 million customers repeat visits on the understanding that they are being told the truth.

The First Rule of Customer Service:
Never lie to a customer!
 To be caught in a lie means the immediate loss of that customer and all future income. The Board is fully aware of this and the fact that their continuous denial regarding any medical benefit of Cannabis has created doubts about their honesty. To reassure the paying public of their integrity as Doctors the CMA took an unorthodox tactic and resolved to review its Position regarding Marijuana.

They requested the Office for Public Health (OPH) to (a) update its policy on medical marijuana; and b) ask the federal government to update the MMAR program and reinstate support for research into the safety and efficacy of marijuana and cannabinoids. The (OPH) reviewed all of the published literature on medical marijuana to find testimonial evidence of any beneficial effects and they could find no evidence to examine. That is quite true but that was the intent of limiting the study to “published” evidence and avoiding any consideration of hundreds of verbal declarations of CURES that have been uttered.

For clarification:
1.    a declaration is a simple statement of fact when no cure is expected.
2.    a testimonial is evidence only if the recipient believed his cure to be impossible and is announcing a Miracle has occurred!

The moment this knowledge is revealed to the public the CMA is proven a Liar and no longer worthy of trust of 35 million paying customers.
At this point in time I have no idea what can be done to correct a medical system totally controlled by a bunch of amoral profiteers who fear the loss in repeat profits. 

I do not want Dr. Louis Francescutti the President of the Canadian Medical Association advising Health Canada regarding anything to do with what is best for the medical care of the citizens and residents of Canada when they are a proven pack of liars. 

The CMA is nothing but a Union of Political Lobbyists on a Wildcat Strike! 
Somehow I doubt Rona Ambrose will order them back to work!
One thing for certain: we will never get any monetary help from them!


Blaine Barrett