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Monday, 16 December 2013

An Invitation to the CPSO Consultation re Marijuana

They’ve Given Us an Opening
Sucker Punch the Bastards

For the first time there is a channel available that can permit all of our anger and resentment about Cannabis and the failure to recognize its benefits to be dumped into the heart of the Canadian Medical Community.

Get Off Your Ass and Bitch
Don’t Miss This Opportunity

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario has opened its ears and is apparently prepared to listen to input not only from the Old Boys Club but also to the public. When it comes to a review of the College’s Policy re Cannabis it’s about time they actually considered the input of the patients they are targeting with their no signature, no cooperation strike.

The CPSO has issued a Consultation Request as part of a review of their policy on Medical Marijuana. I have checked out their Consultation request and it is a wonderful opportunity to make our voice heard. They have provided access for comment and contribution via several routes and I recommend a submission of a complaint to all of them.

They have requested our thoughts on the current policy
We can submit our comments to a discussion forum, send our comments via Email, complete a brief online survey concerning the current policy, or send our comments via regular mail

The Policy you are being asked to criticize can be summarized into 5 main points that I have listed following along with my first comments just sent to them. Read them all and then give the College your input on any or all. I know this is an opportunity to rant but don’t. Keep it civil and to the point and make them understand that they are failing in their oath to Do No Harm and we feel betrayed..

The Five Points of Policy

1.    Physicians are expected to use their best judgment in deciding whether to complete a medical declaration under the MMPR.

Dr. Louis Francescutti, the President of the Canadian Medical Association in his Initial address to the Association stressed that his primary concern was to correct the Image of the CMA. He was referring to the self-image physicians have of themselves: not to their image from a Patient’s point of view and that of the general public. By and large you are perceived as a pack of liars intentionally depriving patients of needed services for political gain. You are in violation of your Oath to do no harm and you are inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering. Take great care

2.    To date, there have not been adequate studies that prove that marijuana is effective in relieving symptoms associated with serious medical conditions.

This is a flat out lie. None has been listed in CMA approved venues but unless you’re blind you have to be aware of the growing mass of testimonial evidence that is flooding social media. The respectable scientific community without your participation or support has engaged in some serious research of late and every day sees a new properly conducted double blind statistically verified study that indicates great potential for the plant used in various ways besides smoking.

3.    The adverse effects of marijuana use include the harms associated with smoking. Pure Bullshit: everybody knows it.
The only adverse effect of smoked marijuana is a nasty cough when you get too greedy and bogart the joint. Ignore the smokers if you want and look at the medibles, tinctures, elixirs and Rick Simpson oil and start helping your patients. All of them are watching you to see where you guys stand: is there any flexibility to this blockade or ar you as rigid as the CMA with the pokers up their ass?

4.    Physicians are not obligated to complete a medical declaration under the MMAR. Physicians who choose to do so are advised to proceed with caution.

Proceed with caution because to begin signing applications is to violate the orders of the CMA and they are nasty bastards and recrimination is possible. They are acting like a bunch of political lobbyists on a wildcat union strike and the whole country is watching.

5.    Physicians can consider prescribing the oral pharmaceutical form of cannabinoids where possible to address the treatment needs of patients who have chronic conditions.

They can but they should not. Why not? Because they are big Pharma drugs that are more dangerous than smoking: The initial guesswork of an industry that will founder if cannabis actually does cure cancer. There are only two drugs to date and nobody has any idea what side effects can occur if they are used for treatment for a variety of maladies.
No accurate dosage relative to any ailment is known so you’re guessing on the dosage and the frequency; totally ignorant of any potential side effects. There is no index of data available on how to prescribe for various conditions so you’re guessing in the dark. What is so different about cannabis?
Think about it!
I just posted these 5 points and comments as Comment #34 as a Member of the Public to their Discussion Forum. It survived the moderators despite its negative view and criticism so I think we should all give them input.
Just take a peek at the storm they have already kicked up and there is lots more to come Go to

Blaine Barrett