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Saturday, 21 December 2013

A Solution to Enbridge



The Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel Report has possibly solved half of the problem with the Enbridge pipeline. If the 209 conditions can be met by the Consortium then everything that can be done to protect the environment and the habitat has been done. It now boils down to one question:

What the hell is Stevie going to do?
There’s bunch of savages across the table!
They’re all wearing Warpaint!
The answer is obvious:
Buy them off!
How and with what?

I think that unlike us white honkeys, the Aboriginals of this country and particularly BC natives have a tradition of equality and sharing of their wealth that supports my proposal. They solved the 90% problem by having a big party! When any individual reached that prosperous level he threw a bgi party and gave it all back to his community so everyone shared equally in his success, a


For all you ignorant white guys:

A potlatch is a gift-giving festival and primary economic system practiced by indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada and United States. Wikipedia

If you consider tradition, where does that leave all of you natives if your leaders negotiate a success? To get an equal portion that success has to be divided.
What’s to divide?
Money and Control!
How do you get both?
You put a toll on the flow of product through it,
An advance payment, and
get a voice on the Board.

When the deal is signed there is a census, a deposit to a trust fund and a separate cheque is issued to every man woman and child in your band. That prevents corruption and is necessary to ensure that each of you decides where it goes and there are no diversions.  We’re talking some pretty big bucks and there are greedy devious weevils in all communities.

On the other hand maybe you can get the Enbridge bunch to throw a potlatch and you can all pick up your cheque, and an apology from their rep when you show up for the party.

That’s my advice. Do as you will but consider the option, It’s just common sense from

Blaine Barrett