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Saturday, 6 July 2013

A Validation of Judgment and Correction of Bullshit

Truth v. Lies
One Example of Each
I began advocating for Dr. Rob Kamermans now just over a year and a half ago. I hope that I have provided all my readers with a clear picture of who he is. He’s a man of great character and an asset to his community who has been unfairly slandered. I’ve asserted this many times in this blog but my estimation of his social value and contribution has been validated by a very recent report in the online source of Hastings County local news:
It was written by Barbara Shaw. She is the only reporter with factual first hand knowledge of Dr. Kamermans, she knows the community of Coe Hill and Hastings County, and she knows the entire saga of this atrocity better than anybody. She is the one who broke the news of his arrest back on Jan 27, 2012 and she’s been watching ever since. Barbara wrote this 3 days ago so you’re not going to get anything newer.
That pretty much handles Judgment: Now for the Truth.
One nasty thing that has haunted this whole Kamermans problem since its inception is the slander by the cops regarding the huge amount of money he got from repeating his dastardly crime! He illegally signed 4100 applications and charged enormous fees ranging into the thousands. They invented and fostered the image of him as a millionaire with huge cash stash he can’t reveal to the cops or he’ll lose that enormous gigantically humongous pile of his filthy proceeds of crime. It would seem the Cops that started and propagated that slanderous bullshit lie never took any lessons in common sense or elementary Mathematics. He following simple exercise combining common sense, Mathematic and logic destroys that bullshit.

When Rob came to Canada he was not a rich man. He was successful, had a couple of properties with mortgages in the USA. He brought about $150K worth of cash, valuables and his professional skills to Coe Hill. He began his practice and was successful in building it up over the course of the next years and created his clinic in the process. In addition to his Coe Hill clinic he also successfully obtained two ER Physician positions. By 2012 he had built his income to about the $500,000 per annum level.

What no-one takes into account is that in the course of building his income he used it to leverage a mortgage load of about $400K re his Combined US and Canadian properties. Rob estimates that he made about $600K from his signing which seems believable as his average charge over the 4100 signatures was in the $150 range. All of that money was plowed back into his property and business as follows:

Total amount of “Criminal” income
Less mortgages
Less practice expansion and farm
Less a tractor to work it
Less local labor and materials
Surplus “Criminal” income

 At the time of his arrest all his money was invested in Coe Hill, and he had a little cash, but he had an income of 500K and probably could have afforded the costs of his defense and survival if that had not been intentionally sabotaged by the Cops. Sergeant Rob Henderson’s unnecessary arrest and handcuffing in an ER mid-shift killed both ER positions, his practice has died, and his total income reduced to his and Mary’s combined old Age Pensions. He had to mortgage and encumber property in order to get bail for them both, ;His banks have cancelled his accounts and credit cards. He has had no income for over a year and his legal fees have to be ridiculous. Lawyers are all greedy bastards.

At this point the Kamermans have had no real income to simply support themselves much less the cost of their defense against ridiculous charges.

They’ve really hit rock bottom when they have to start selling their beloved clinic.
And that is where it is at.