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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Is This Official NDP Policy?

Is This Official NDP Policy?
If it is,
I have a problem!

The other day while cruising through my morning news I ran across another friend’s submission to Facebook. He is probably more pissed off than I am with the lack of integrity in Ottawa. He’s had a closer acquaintance than I with this Member of Parliament. He was surprised to find out she had two faces. I thought it was common knowledge they all do!
Following are:
1.    his Facebook entry comment followed by
2.    a precis of the article that pissed him off
3.    a link to it and following that
4.    A conclusion and commentary by me in my usual precise and picky way.

To begin, I didn’t bother to ask MJ for permission to reprint this but what the hell it’s just another way to share his profound hurt and disappointment. Read on!
MJ Vape
So, in spite of my years of trying to educate Jean Crowder and the NDP that we need to grow at home for our medical cannabis, she sides with the neighbours in that she says these small "operations" will be gone soon. She knows they are called production sites and she had an opportunity to set the record straight. I thought she was more understanding of all sides. If there had been proper regulations or even suggestions about odour control from Health Canada, that would have eliminated these problems. She seems to be siding with the government here. My hope with getting any support from the federal NDP is quickly vanishing.

From  The Cowichan Valley Citizen

Neighbours sick of legal Shawnigan grow operation

Nanaimo-Cowichan MP Jean Crowder said many regional districts and municipalities don't have bylaws in place to regulate where these operations can set up shop but the CVRD could act if other bylaws are being broken… "The licensing is one piece of it but if they are contravening bylaws...just because you've got a licenced grow op doesn't mean that you can flout whatever other regulations are in place," she said.
But Crowder says it won't be much longer until small medical marijuana growing operations like the one in question are done with for good. A more commercial process will replace what exists, all but eliminating the one-off growers and replacing them with massive industrial operations.
Until then, if citizens have concerns, they need to contact Health Canada and if they don't get anywhere, Crowder can reach out on their behalf, she said.
My Opine

Another one sided opinionated article by another newspaper reporter as superficial as Jason Miller of the Belleville Intelligencer:
a sensational expose based on little or no investigation and follow up.
 What’s the other side of the story?
Remember questions about the defender, does he have a defense?
Who is this guy? Does he have a name? What are you doing here? What’s the problem causing the smell? Can you stop it? How many Plants? ( That’s usually a good indication – Huge to stink that bad).How many licenses? Why do you grow and do this despite opposition from the neighbors? Where do you think it will end?

To Sarah Simpson : Did you actually go to the scene of this crime and sniff downwind on a hot day? Did you get stoned or dizzy? Do you really think there is enough smell to justify a complaint or is it just the neighbors fear that the Criminal Element has moved into the neighborhood and the children are in danger. In short are they believers in the bullshit the Government hands out as truth and acting stupidly.
I guess that’s about enough criticism of the reporting, now to the public spouting of a wannabe famous politician Ms. Crowder

Where the hell does she as a Federal politician get the right to advise municipalities to cover their asses with restrictive bylaws to prevent any personal growth of Medical Marijuana? That is a straight ignorance and denial of the rights of her own constituents who are legally entitled to grow as a cost avoidance measure that she conveniently ignores.

The second point is laughable in her assertion that the new commercialization will eliminate all the problems right away. She completely ignores the reality that the creation of a supply industry for a nation this large in less than a decade is stupidity. At this point:
1.    No licenses have been issued, noproduction sources
2.    No Production facilities have as yet been constructed.
3.    Not one has been inspected for regulatory compliance
4.    No target crops are recommended from the genetic pool and
5.    No seeds have been mass planted or cloning activity begun.
6.    No verified sources of product are available to contact and apply to
7.    The price is a totally dependant on the greed component.

It seems logical to me to conclude that there is no way in the time span remaining to accomplish all the activity required to prepare a national distribution system. The creation of supply train of unknown products (Hybrids), of sufficient quantity and quality. ready to go to supply a market with very a demanding clientel at an unknown price increase that could double by next April is impossible.   

The Cons have a majority and the passage is guaranteed. An NDP member on Opposition is not supposed to be advocating enemy crime. They don’t need your help Jean, back off and do what you ewer elected to do. Help your constituents survive the assholes in power and lodge the fact into your mind that not all your constituents are homeowners with nasal problems that need coddling.

If you have a grower, it’s logical you have patients who need the medication and they are constituents too. What the fuck are you doing for them! Their pain and sick symptoms are far more important than the unfounded fears that fools like you propagate for political gain.

Regarding your last statement:

“You’re living in Wonderland, Alice!”

You stated you could address concerns if your constituent’s complaints were not getting results from Health Canada. Try flexing your imaginary muscle in front of a mirror because your self image needs a severe deflation! They have the power to tell the Supreme Court to piss off and you think they will listen to you, a back bench nobody from an Opposition party. LMAO

I wonder how many of your constituents realized they were voting for a Harpocrit in NDP costume. I hope they wake up for the next election and ram this little bit of two faced flatulence back at you. I truly hope you’ll enjoy the rotten smell of defeat.

Should any of you readers be ticked off to the degree that you would like to make a snarkey comment, it won’t cost you a penny. Ms. Crowder was kind enough to provide a toll free phone number and even her e-mail address:

Phone: 1-866-609-9998
E-mail: jean@jeancrowder.ca

Feel free to call: She obviously needs all the feedback she can get!