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Friday, 19 July 2013

I Don’t Take Dismissal Lightly- NFW

I Don’t Take Dismissal Lightly- NFW

A Righteously Deserved Attitude Adjustment

Yesterday I got all pissed off with another bureaucrat who anonymously refused my legitimate complaint about a couple of bad nasty OPP cops. I got the rubber stamp circular file treatment and whoever did that doesn’t know me. I Don’t Take Dismissal Lightly! This is in reference to the complaint sent to the Ontario Office of the Independent Police Review Director that forms the tail end of my post of 21 June 2013 titled

These Cops Are Criminals!

These Cops Are Criminals!

Following find the Stock Form Clerical Refusal I received after a month’s wait and following that my response to

Mr. Gerry McNeilly, the Ontario Independent Review Director requesting his attention and reply!

Following is my response and request for reconsideration and confirmation of the rejection.

Mr. E-mail: OIPRD@ontario.ca               20 July 2013
Reply to the Office of the Independent Police Review Director
655 Bay Street, 10th Floor,
Toronto, ON   M7A 2T4
Attn: Mr. Gerry McNeilly, Director
Ref: OIPRD Complaint #130005918

Dear Mr. McNeilly:

I have a problem. Two days ago I received a reply to my complaint from your office. A Ms. Carmen Lesperance of the Case Management Department advised me that section 60(2) of the Police Services Act permits you to not deal with a complaint if it is beyond some ridiculous six months statute of limitations.
I am further advised that you have decided not to deal with my complaint because it is not in the public interest.


I doubt very much that you have even seen my complaint. It got scanned by Case Management who jumped on the date and disposed of the problem with great dispatch using the prime loophole for work avoidance. If I sound pissed off and disillusioned I am. I take the time to file a formal complaint`, I get a rubber stamp refusal, effectively get told to fuck off and there is no appeal. If that is your decision then I want a refusal to accept my complaint signed by you.

Before you send that confirmation of your decision please read the goddamned complaint and notice that the reason for the charge of Criminal Negligence against Sergeant Mark Duval is that he did not do his duty refused to return valuable personal private files to their owners causing great harm to many of them.. Please note that he is still doing so and there is still another six months to go before the statute of limitations applies to the crime he is committing today! He’s violating Criminal Code Section 219- Criminal Negligence by not doing his legal duties and returning the files.

There is no longer any reason to hold them.
He has already successfully sabotaged the renewal of every license by denying access to all the documentation required for its renewal. 4100 patients had to go and get Brand new medical certification of their diagnosis and suitability for renewal because a fucking totally despicable asshole refused to return them. The harm he caused was not neglect it was intentional vindictive damage to people who can’t fight back.

You state they had a search warrant and they did, but I cannot conceive how one search warrant can provide grounds or probable cause for the invasion of privacy of 4100 Medically Confidential files secure from third party access without a warrant for each file.
By accessing these files they illegally obtained the identities, locations and most importantly, expiry dates for every personal and designated grow op license. This permitted them to set a target date for a raid to determine whether the problems with renewal, caused by their withholding essential documentation, had produced the crop of unlicensed grow-ops they could destroy and charge the grower.

This matter needs attending to right bloody now but if you can’t be bothered to help protect the rights of these 4100 innocent victims you are effectively sanctioning police brutality and that is not in the public interest.

I have no idea what to expect in return to this request for reconsideration and certification of your decision. I’m not optimistic anything will be accomplished in the foreseeable future even if you launched a full scale witch hunt. It’s only taken thirteen years to get the first cop charged with G20 offenses to come to court to get dismissed, why should I expect different here?

One thing you could do without a great deal of difficulty is call the OPP command and ask them if they could request Sergeant Duval’s approval and ask if he would arrange for the prompt return of the files. He’ll probably tell them to “Fuck Off!” like he tells the rightful owners of these files but it’s worth the effort.

Please advise if there is any way to take these bastards to task.

An extremely disillusioned victim
Blaine Barrett

P.S. I thought it is interesting to note that I did not obtain your name from either your office or my rather critical analysis of your website. You’re effectively invisible and I was referred to you by the Attorney Generals office in their response to a similar complaint.