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Friday, 21 June 2013

These Cops Are Criminals!

“Four Complaints about Transparency and
Bullshit Bureaucracy”

Smee again:

Thursday I mailed a Complaint to:
The Independent Police Review Director of Ontario.

Today I e-mailed a complaint to:
The Honourable Rob Nicholson,
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
about the matter
and to this
I attached a copy of: my complaint to
The Honourable John Gerretsen
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Ontario
to this I attached a copy of:
My Cover Letter and My complaint to
The Independent Police Review Director of Ontario.

I have no idea how this Director got involved here:

These turkeys horned right into the middle of my problem dealing with a
Federal Criminal Code Violation!
Where the hell a group of Ontario does based provincially appointed
political hacks with a pro-cop bias gets the authority to interfere
with my charging a bunch of Cops with a Federal Crime?
I decided to find out.
If you don’t ask you don’t get!

This post is simply a copy of those e-mails and the Cover Letter. I did not include the text of my complaint to the Director because I have previously established the grounds for the charge of Criminal Negligence with my post at the bottom of this page         

“A Request for Consideration re a Class Action Lawsuit”

Read on, enjoy a literary exercise in mild sarcasm

Then we wait for the answer to that imponderable mystery:

Can a needle jab from a mouse make an elephant fart???

Here’s a dose of reality!


A Question Regarding Criminal Code Enforcement

The Honourable Robert Douglas Nicholson
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of
284 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H8
CC: Justin Trudeau- Liberal Party of Canada: Thomas Mulcair- New Democratic Party: Elizabeth May- Green Party of Canada: Alain Prefontaine - Director General and Senior General Counsel
Dear Minister:
Attached please find a copy of my Complaint to the Office of the Independent Police Review Director of Ontario and a copy of my Complaint to the Ontario Minster of Justice. They regardsa serious violation of Criminal Code Section 219 – Criminal Negligence by the Ontario Provincial Police on January 26, 2012. I am advised this is the only route by which I can get an investigation of what I assumed to be a Federal Crime is to ask a Provincially appointed Review Director who will have complete control over any investigation of Criminal Wrongdoing by Ontario Police Forces and his decision is final.
They advise me that:
  1. “The OIPRD is responsible for recording and classifying all public complaints. We are also responsible for deciding who will investigate the complaint. Your complaint may be investigated by: The OIPRD, The same police service the complaint is about, or another police service.”
2.      If, during the course of the investigation, the Director discovers evidence that an officer may have committed a crime, the matter will be referred to the police for further investigation.
3.      The OIPRD does not conduct criminal investigations.
  1. The OIPRD does not deal with discipline, disciplinary hearings or appeals on policy and service complaints.
  2. They further advise me if I disagree with the result:
  3. “The OIPRD is an independent organization and our decision is final”.

Why am I compelled to submit my request for justice to a bunch of anonymous political hack appointees who collectively call themselves the Director? I have no idea who they are, probably ex-cops and I have no confidence in the OPP chain of command conducting an impartial investigation and no reason to trust them based on the pro-cop bias previously displayed like G20 and G8 and going nowhere.

The facts are simple and a matter of OPP record that need no further verification: They are all recorded by Sergeant Duval who supervised the SWAT Team that accompanied him on his atrocity of an arrest. Under his direction the OPP seized medical records that are vitally important to their owners and still has them in custody nearly 18 months later. The seizure was common knowledge to the OPP upper ranks and no-one in the chain of command recognized or bothered to point out that they were committing Criminal Negligence under Section 219 of the Criminal Code. Nobody bothered to go to the trouble of telling the criminals to return the documents.

Today, critically ill Medical Marijuana patients still can not access their records if needed for treatment assistance. OPP actions were not only wanton and reckless disregard of the harm they were doing to the 4100 patients who needed them, but intentionally and vindictively designed to prevent renewal of all 4100 licenses by holding the documentation required for their renewals. The OPP simply didn’t give a damn about the pain and agony they were intentionally creating with the recurrence of symptoms that had been under control with their marijuana use.

I don’t understand the Provincial usurpation of Federal authority that appears to have taken place.
Has any Minister of Justice ever agreed to only the OIPRD investigating the Cops with no recourse?
What is happening here? I suspect a whitewash Kangaroo Court by the Blue Brotherhood?

 Please advise if there is any way to evade the dominance of the Police in this matter to avoid having this atrocity classified as a misdemeanor and dropped?

I apologize for the necessity o contacting you with this request but I had no option

In anticipation of your reply.

Blaine Barrett


A Question Regarding the Enforcement of the Criminal Code in Ontario

The Honourable John Gerretsen
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Ontario
720 Bay Street, 11th Floor
M7A 2S9

Dear Minister:
Attached please find
  1. a copy of my Complaint to the Office of the Independent Police Review Director of Ontario and
  2. a copy of my E-mail to The Honourable Robert Douglas Nicholson- Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
I send this as a courtesy advising this problem because I think you will become involved and you need to know the details in order to answer two simple questions:

The only consequence of any contravention of law by the Police in Ontario is an order to investigate themselves by the OIPRD. That guarantees a whitewash result that will turn their felony into a misdemeanor that calls for a verbal reprimand. The OPP actions in this matter resemble a bunch of sub-humans inflicting pain, aggravation, and punishment on people who are sick, have committed no crime and have no defense against Nazi tactics.

Do they have your permission to act like savages or are they just ignoring the illegality of their persecution?

Can you give me any reassurance they are not going to circular file this complaint like they have with the G20 goons?

I’d appreciate straight answers not modeled on the Harperite Transparency Principles. The Cons deem any and all questions an insult to Fearless Leader and a terrorist attack that renders all answers subject to a No Comment because of National Security concerns.

In anticipation of your response

Sorry to ruin your day.

Blaine Barrett


Cover Letter

Complaint to Office of the Independent Police Review Director

Office of the Independent Police Review Director
655 Bay Street, 10th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 2T4

Attn: Complaints

Dear Director:

First I must inform you I am submitting this Complaint to you under protest.
I don’t think you have the capacity to achieve the result I want in the time frame I have left in this life. I am commanded to submit the Complaint to you and I don’t understand why I have to submit to an investigation of the Police by the Police. I am lodging a complaint that Section 219 of the Criminal Code of Canada was intentionally ignored and violated by the whole bloody chain of command of the Ontario Provincial Police. No-one is exempt and that includes the Chief of Police/Commissioner of the OPP. He’s letting these criminals run wild. I would prefer a different police force if possible?

I don’t understand you, as a Provincial official, deciding matters of Federal Law. I have read your website thoroughly and by submitting this to your authority I am compelled to accept your decision as to the guilt or innocence based on an investigation of a brother by his Blue Brotherhood. The only other option is to withdraw the Complaint and walk away. I would like clarification of three phases of your advice regarding

How will the OIPRD handle my review?
  1. The OIPRD will also contact the police to tell them you have requested a review and give them a copy of the form. We will ask the police to send us all the information they have on your complaint.
  • What time frame are we looking at? What is the maximum time they can take to respond and provide their documentation?

  1. Once we have received your file from the police, we will assess your case and make a decision about it.
·        How long will that take?

  1. If we agree you, the OIPRD will give instructions to the Chief of Police/Commissioner of the OPP about your complaint. The police must follow these instructions. We will tell you about our decision and what happens next.
·        What if I disagree with your proposed instructions to Chief of Police/Commissioner of the OPP? Do I have any input or control as to how the investigation should be conducted?

In anticipation of your acknowledgement of Receipt of my complaint:
Best regards

Blaine Barrett


Until next time: Go Figure!