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Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Ly’n King of the VPD

The Ly’n King of the VPD



Constable Brian Montague

Media Relations Officer



Shortly after I published this post Constable Montague replied and said he wasn’t going to deal with me any more. He also advise the above picture is not him and asked me to remove it. 
I replied:
As far as the picture goes I got it from Google Images after a search for ​"Constable Brian Montague VPD" and all the pics with that name are that guy.
I said you're a liar and I'm more inclined to believe Google. The picture stays until you can provide another. I suggest you call Google and complain or provide me with another that you approve of. Until then, the picture stays as is!




Greetings again Constable Montague:

I am truly disappointed that you have failed to contact me. You made the mistake of putting your direct telephone number (Brian Montague T: 604-717-2807 ) at the bottom of your reply to my questions to the Mayor, the Chief and you about why the raids on the Jim’s Weeds Dispensaries and the SWAT team tactics used with no justification.


A reply from a Media Relations Officer was completely unexpected. I may only be a Blogger (http://goan-smee.blogspot.ca/) but I like to think of myself as half-assed decent Investigative Journalist asking a lot more relevant questions than the National Media lot who claim the title.


I replied to you and informed you who I was, the reasons for my complaint, and advised you I would phone you the next day tenth of September and did!


I have now phoned you twice, requested a return call, left my phone number and waited. Dead silence for over a week. Why did you bother to reply? I never expected one. If it was a compliment for the “fascinating approach”, Thank you!

If that was the only reason and you had no intentions of answering any questions then Fuck You! I truly wanted to deal with a Cop Mentality first hand. I have a degree in Psychology but no experience with the Abnormal.


I don’t want to talk any more because another Cop has a looser mouth than yours and disclosed what’s up. I was told by a VPD drug squad member that they are actively investigating all the clubs and dispensaries (prioritizing based on community complaints) by sending in undercovers to see if medical diagnosis is required as well as if minors are able to purchase. So it is advised that these protocols be adhered to.


Which brings me back to Jim’s Weeds and no probable cause and a couple of questions that you will never answer because your primary function is damage control and you would not be in your position if you were not a very skilled professional liar and distorter of the truth.


Your primary function is to put a lid on the problem until it goes away. The misuse of the exemptions in the Access to Information Act allows you to declare that there is an investigation in process and then claim any disclosure of information could damage the result. There is no time limit on investigations and given enough time the video showing the three cops beating the shit out the woman in the wheelchair will be forgotten and no answers or explanation are required.

Unfortunately no-one will ever find out what was accomplished by raiding Jim’s.
From the news reports Some unknown source complained that there was some unknown customer who was buying very cheap pot from Jim, and then in defiance of Jim’s rules, reselling to unknown youth in the neighbourhood. Jim did nothing but sell to a qualified customer.

If that was true there was no probable cause. But I will never find out, it’s under investigation and you would never answer truthfully answer questions like:

  1. Did you have a warrant based on these anonymous allegations? I doubt it!
  2. Did you find anything incriminating during the raid? I doubt it?
  3. Were any unlicensed or under age customers present? No!
If there had been Jim would still be in jail!
  1. What did you find that justifiged seizure of the shop’s contents?
  2. Was there a probable cause for that? I doubt it!
  3. What evidence did you get from the pot plants you seized?
  4. Did you return them before they died? I doubt it?
  5. Quite obviously you never discovered any evidence of a crime or there would have long since been charges:
  6. Have you returned all the seized products? I doubt it!
  7.  Are you going to try to charge Jim for storage? Probably: he’s got no place to put since you bastards forced him out of business.

Jim was an example of what all Dispensary owners should be: the best of the whole lot. He was damned near a saint to his customers. He was a source of accurate information about Medical Marijuana use. He could determine what your condition needed and recommend something that would help relieve the symptoms you were having! He could tell you the genetics of the source and for many of them a verifiable estimate of its cannabinoid ratio and content.

His only crime was selling the best and cheapest pot in Vancouver (at times as low as $3/g. for poor people) and probably in Canada by running an online supply line to other poverty stricken victims from coast to coast. The VPD busted Jim just as the Halifax Nazi’s are currently busting Christopher Enns and Farm Assist for persecution on a technicality.

I think I’ve run out of steam so I’ll leave you to stew in your own juice. It’s actions like yours that have turned all police in North America into potential enemies of the public at large. This is being published as a warning never to trust a cop or tell them anything. To do so puts your rights and freedom at risk!

Now I Wait For You To Knock on My Door
Blaine Barrett