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Thursday, 18 September 2014


Abbotsford Councillor Henry Braun is a Liar!
I’m Calling Him Out on It!

My E-mail to Abbotsford Council --Sept. 18, 2014

Dear Mayor Banman and Councillors:

While I would like to request that all Council members read this, it is specifically addressed to Councillor Henry Braun for what I believe is an outright lie regarding the safety hazards related to the growth of Medical Marijuana.

Councillor Braun:

This morning I read your statement as reported in the Cannabis Digest on Tuesday Sept 16, 2014 that the privacy policy of Health Canada in failing to disclose the location of Federally Licensed Medical Marijuana grow-ops is costing the City of Abbotsford and its residents “horrendous expense”.
You want all BC Municipalities to demand a change to over-rule the privacy right

You state as a matter of fact “the city has had multiple instances of homebuyers unknowingly purchasing former grow-op locations — leaving them with costly repair bills to fix tampered electrical wires and mould issues.

You sir are a LIAR!

You state two “Facts” that are either outright lies or a monstrous distortion of a minor isolated occasional problem.

I want to know what your city data base has on record to support your outrageous statements. I would like a reply from you and answers to a couple of very simple questions.

If you are telling the truth then you should be able to easily answer with a simple search of city records and come with the following clarifications:

  1. What was the “horrendous” expense to the City in Fiscal 2013?
  2. What is the “horrendous” expense” so far in 2014”
  3. How many “Multiple instances” were reported in 2013?
  4. How many “Multiple instances” were reported in 2014?

You state: “Somebody buys a house and they basically have to gut the inside of it. You’re talking $50,000”!

  1. How many multiple instance had “tampered electrical wires”?
  2. What was the average cost to repair?
  3. How many multiple instance had “mould issues”?
  4. What was the average cost to repair?
I will wait for your reply

To all you other Councillors:

As I see it Henry spoke for the Council and if he really did, you’re all as stupid and bigoted as him. Take a good look at Henry’s answers and make your own assessment of what is truth!

Best regards:

Blaine Barrett
Medical Marijuana Advocate and Ethical Critic