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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Wake-Up Call to The new CMA President

Dear Dr. Simpson

You’re holding Aces and Eights

I’m Calling Your Hand

I have been attempting to arrange a contact with you for the last 6 weeks but have had no success. I received an acknowledgement of receipt from Chantel Nadeau Aug 21 so I know my communications have made it as far as your staff. My attempts at any further contact have not succeeded. E-mails are unanswered and phone calls are never returned.

What I do not know is if you are even aware I have been trying to contact you?

If it is Chantel or your secretary doing the screening I suggest you straighten them out and we can start over. If it is by your order that I am blocked I suggest you remove it or we have a very serious problem.

I do not want an adversarial relationship, but now you are following in Fransescutti’s footsteps to narcissism and the belief you are above communicating with a commoner. I don’t think that can be avoided if you won’t consider my input.

I am a Medical Marijuana Advocate and in the single year of his Presidency he effectively destroyed any hope I had of saving Medical Marijuana. As of yesterday, his blockade of signatures and encouragement of all the Canadian Colleges of Physicians and Surgeions Marijuana Policys to include stupid and punitive regulations. No one can find a physician because none of your doctors is willing to risk being given the Kamermans Treatment and intentionally and unjustifiably ruined and sent to Coventry.

As of this morning I read that the College of Family Physicians under the inspired leadership of College CEO Dr. Francine Lemire just considered the 40000 already qualified recipients under the MMAR who can’t get any medication, and in a stroke of stupidity equal to or superior to that of Dr. Lou completely eliminated about 90% of the patients who will qualify for treatment by Family Physicians.

I stress the Family Physicians because it is they who will see nearly all new applicants. The other 60% of the CMA membership the Specialists will seldom if ever come in contact except on a consultative basis that has nothing to do with pot!

It was bad enough that Dr. Lemire limited treatment to dried marijuana which might account for 10%? of the applicants but then also denies a list of diagnosed medical conditions and then eliminates adult treatment for only those over 25.
Is there is a miracle: she might wind up with a half-a-dozen who qualify for treatment by a bunch of Physicians who don’t know fuck all about marijuana which necessitated the idiotic advice.

Dr. Simpson it’s about time somebody in the hierarchy of the CMA actually communicated with the patients who are getting rolled over and explained why they should not feel like they have been betrayed by the people they expected to help them deal with their health problems. All we hear is the bullshit and lies about the harm and the risk and the benefits and hazards of marijuana from the Medical Profession at large: the whole damned lot of you. The First Pillar of Character is Honesty and we have been hearing nothing but lies for the past decade

I suggest you contact me for a first class lesson in Common Bloody Sense and an exposure to the realities of life. This blockade and stupid confrontation has to be mended. The doctor/patient relationship in Cannabis is down to Liar/Victim and I think I can help you get it back to one based on trust and not paranoia.

I hope for a response and that you be willing to listen to me, my intentions are honourable and I have a very good argument for a change in direction.

I can be reached by return e-mail or by phone at 1-604-585-0236 all day every day.

If you choose not to reply, well, how are you at fisticuffs?

In anticipation of a reply
Best regards
Blaine Barrett

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