I have begun to believe my mind is full of tiny little topics that act like pimples.

No one can predict the order they start to fester in, or when they’ll get ripe and burst.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

I’m So Disappointed I Could Cry.




Two Days ago I had a brainstorm that verged on genius. I finally thought I had come up with a Request to all my Facebook friends that would actually get a response. Several times before I have requested your cooperation and help for some sort of mass action mailing as a protest to an atrocity or to let some asshole know what you thought of them. Things like the “Help Alexander Stewart mailing Request”was a failure I cannot comprehend.

All I asked everyone to do was simply send a prewritten e-mail to a Minister with copies to a mayor and a Police chief. It was a simple task. I had written all the text all that had to be done was copy and past a single E-maill address, the subject line, the text and hit send. For me that is less than two minutes and 8-10 clicks maximum.

Imagine the impact of a simple request to simply use your influence to create an exception for a dying man. The political impact of jamming three inboxes and fucking up the system for a while would be enormous. I posted the request and waited.
Google+ is an audience of ??? viewers.
Facebook is an audience of ??? viewers
There are 40,000 Licensees watching,
I was proud to have 3000+ Google friends
747 Facebook friends.

I waited to see how my friends would respond? I honestly was stupid enough to believe I would get a flood of maybe 50 in the first couple of hours. Less than one minute after I posted the first Facebook “Like” came from my site: Bonus people are watching me! Then “Like”s hit both Facebook comments as well as my mailbox and my expectations of success soared. If each “Like” meant a Request sent to the Minister and the other two top turkeys: then there were three top mailboxes jammed full of individual fingers up their ass! 
My Heil Harper Salute delivered in person. 
I stupidly had not requested any feedback re sending and I was in the dark for a whole hour before I couldn’t stand it and I posted a request for anyone who had sent a request to confirm it by simply sending me a Yup so we could know what was happening.

I already had two acknowledgements, the Yup’s  yielded 3 more and I knew of five others who had done so. That makes a great bif total of TEN for coming up 3 days now. What makes me so fucking mad is that everyone of you out there who sent me a “Like” took the time to read my request, to hit the like spot and probably made a comment of some sort, then just hit the “Ignore!” button and forgot what I requested!
My question to you all!

What the fuck is the matter with you friends anyway? You can’t take time out of your busy schedule posting photos or links to old news, creating pages (that will do absolutely fuck all) and asking me to like them, or spouting rants about your problems and composing long stupid comments?

All it would have taken you, with no physical effort was take the time to just reach out help a friend who needs it. No more was required but you people just ignored it or simply don’t give a shit about others needs, you’re too focused on your own.

I was so disappointed I honestly didn’t know what to do? Is there anybody listening to me out there? Am I getting through to anyone? I have been publishing my blog for 2 ½ years now and I very seldom if ever get any comments or feedback on any of the topics’. What could be a forum for discussion at the bottom of my posts is just a blank fucking page.

I was seriously considering walking away from you all in contempt and focus on my advocacy but that would be letting a whole bunch of sub-standard friends, who now know I am alive; get away without some straight goddamned talk about Apathy and their indifference to others needs.I am talking to you!

I have decided: What I am going to do is speak my mind, no holds barred, on whatever subject I feel like: pro or con.  If you don’t like it , well I’m TheSmeeGoanGuy and you can Goan! LOL

I started my blog and advocacy for Medical Marijuana to reach out and help people find whatever they needed to keep the home fires burning. I joined Facebook in order to find out WTF was going on with Medical Marijuana and make contacts to help with my advocacy.

 I simply watched what was happening on Facebook and I was impressed beyond belief. I thought I’d hit the jackpot. An enormous circling pool of Energy beyond belief: anger, hostility, fear, hatred, confusion, anxiety, depression, uncertainty: all the stresses from an infinite number of sources bundled together in one great big ball of frustration. One problem that was immediately apparent was that there was no focus for all this emotional power. It expended itself in a continual discharge of rage over injustice broadcast to all the parties in the circle of Facebook friends.

Only a very few politically driven groups had any contact with no impact on any external problem target and nobody was hammering the Press who were busy ignoring it all. When I was ready I started my blog, got my ball rolling and then I got distracted from my initial objective of focusing the latent power of the group into a controllable discharge of power at a political or ethical problem that needed a boot in the ass.

Suddenly I was involved in the Kamermans outrage, and a war with the power groups in play, and a continuously changing focus as things developed. That is now at an end and I have decided on about 5 problems. Asking Facebook to do something gets fuck all for results. I intent to verbally bully you into doing what I am ordering or fuck off and keep your mouth shut. I want to form an Army of typists and techs to do some real things using using the focused port of modern communication to draw attention and shame: to above all Harpo. I am going to be the General and I want to recruit you as a part of my army!  What I propose to do is reasonable.

That is all for now. I will be absent for probably a week or so to write out what I am proposing to do as regards several rot spots and present my plans to you.
I was so disappointed I could cry but I got over that! Now I intend to figure out how to lash your asses into line.

While I am composing my Art of Modern Warfare for Idiots I would like you to look at your index finger and realize it gives you a power that no other generation has had. It gives you and only you the power to express your opinion or opposition to what is going on across the country and the world directly to the asshole you disagree with. You can use the internet to strike at the enemy and let him know you are pissed off. 

You can use it right now! Go ahead! Just send an e-mail to Harpo or phone his office and tell him to fuck off. It will be read or heard before they can hit delete and it won’t do much.

Now! What if you can wait for my target and when told send an e-mail to Mr Xyz at Xyz@asshole.ca and if you have time tomorrow? call this number (1-800-FUCKEM1) starting early in the morning. 

What if the other 2500 other Warriors o the 4’F’ Battalion of My Personal “Grin And Bear It Army” all did the same thing. 

In one day an office of a prominent visible opponent will be out of business and incommunicado. Target? Doesn’t matter: Political, governmental, corporate, commercial, ethical and even personal targets if justified are all fair game. The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Battalion will show no mercy when it strikes

As I said                                   Think About It 

I will be back with my Introduction in due course
Blaine Barrett