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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Meet Rona Ambrose’ Mentor

Post #155- Meet Rona Ambrose’ Mentor


Senator Tom Coburn M.D. [R-OK]
An Asshole Extraordinary

July 26, 2014 I ran across this post in MMUM from James Keenan a disgruntled constituent and retired US Army Veteran. It is a letter directed to Senator Tom Coburn, the US Senator from Oklahoma, who is one of the foremost opponents of Medical Marijuana in the US Government. It was written in reply to a letter from the Senator regarding a previous contact.

On the surface it is entirely a matter of US concern with no impact on the Canadian Medical Marijuana quandary but it provides a lesson in how to counter the stupidity of the Canadian Government, Health Canada and the Canadian Medical Association with regard to lies and deception about the Medical Benefit of Cannabis.

Senator Coburn’s reply is a virtual primer on the misrepresentation and lies that our Health Minister the Dishonourable Rona Andrews spouts at every opportunity to deny benefits or support.

The reply by Mr. Keenan to the Senators that follows blows the benefit bullshit right out of the water with a barrage of commonsense and facts that I wish Rona Andrews could get drummed into her Harpo Hoe skull.


James Keenan
It's a good thing he's supposedly retiring this year!!! Notice how he claims no studies have ever proved medicinal value. They never support finding out value of illegal things then when it comes to opposition they love saying there's no proof...even in this case when by 2014 there have been over 20,000 studies that have in fact proven all kinds of medicinal value!

Senator Coburn’s Reply
" July 24, 2014
Mr. James Keenan

Dear Mr. Keenan,

Thank you for writing to express your support for an amendment introduced by senators Rand Paul (R-KY) and Cory Booker (D-NJ) to the Commerce, Justice and Science appropriation bill. This amendment would restrict the Department of Justice from using appropriated funds to curtail states’ discretion with respect to marijuana laws in 32 states and the District of Columbia where some form of marijuana use has been approved. I appreciate the opportunity to hear from you.

As a practicing physician and three time cancer survivor, I oppose the legalization of marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, based upon sound public health factors. I also support the federal government’s classification of marijuana as a Category I controlled substance, and I support policies that seek to prevent and treat drug abuse.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has conducted numerous studies on the medicinal value of marijuana—and every time finds that it has no medicinal value and should not be approved as safe or effective for the American people. Recent studies have also indicated marijuana smokers have a 2.3 times greater risk of stroke, and regular marijuana smoking may damage the pituitary, which is involved in blood pressure, metabolism, and other body processes.

Furthermore, you may be interested to know that in Amsterdam, a city with a relaxed attitude toward drugs, officials have been closing marijuana dispensaries due to an increase in crime associated with their operation. California is seeing a similar increase in crime surrounding medical cannabis dispensaries. According to a 2010 Heritage Foundation report, “In Los Angeles, police report that areas surrounding cannabis clubs have experienced a 200 percent increase in robberies, a 52.2 percent increase in burglaries, a 57.1 percent increase in aggravated assault, and a 130.8 percent increase in burglaries from automobiles. Current law requires a doctor’s prescription to procure marijuana; full legalization would likely spark an even more acute increase in crime.”

While I believe marijuana is both tremendously unhealthy and destructive to society, I also recognize the rights of states to legislate on this matter. However, since the federal government mandates marijuana as illegal, we must either enforce those laws or change existing federal law. It is never in the interest of the nation to simply ignore or undermine the rule of law.

Again, thank you for your message. Best wishes.
Tom A. Coburn, M.D.
United States Senator
TC: mpk"

First allow me to thank you for your response to my signature and support of said bill. Since you are in a position to request your office staff to assist with forwarding prepared automated responses to so many emails supporting legalizing a piece of nature that has been in use by humans for over 5,000 years, I humbly ask that you take the time to personally read this response yourself to understand exactly what you are committed to, as it is seen from the other side of the fence as it were.

I understand that you do not share the more popular view of Cannabis that the majority of us do but surely if you truly believe there is no medicinal value in Cannabis even in its pure sanitized oil form, then you have clearly ignored every study that has been conducted to prove the medicinal value does exist. Cannabis studies that were conducted over the past 40+ years were restricted to only producing findings of negative value because of the place it holds on our country's list of Scheduled Drugs. I do agree subjecting Cannabis to combustion does create harmful elements to the user because combustion results in destroying over 60% of the item burned. But to say that proper extraction methods to produce high quality pure clean oil holds no positive medical effects is downright ignorant.

Furthermore, if you are so dead set against the consumption of cannabis in any form and in fact do protest and vote against any pro~cannabis bills, then you should be putting equal or greater effort into placing tobacco and alcoholic products on the Schedule list as well as high cholesterol foods, high sodium foods, high sugar foods, radioactive materials, and even transportation vehicles on the Schedule list because all those things cause harm to millions of people every month the world over. 

The fact that you do not support the basic human right to consume a fresh piece of nature simply because of the resulting side effects makes you not a man of The People but a hypocrite because you choose to deny Free humans their basic right to choose what to do with their own bodies yet you have freely consumed alcohol throughout your lifetime, knowing the dangers and hazards associated with alcoholic products. 

Denying someone the right to do what they wish with their own body is the basic form of slavery and you sir are supporting slavery in the highest. Why keep mature consenting adults from nature when over half of Oklahoma City's generated revenue comes from the countless liquor establishments in Bricktown? Why deny the free growing of a plant that can grow anywhere when every major city in the world has an entire section(s) of the city dedicated to getting inebriated and forgoing mental stability as well as basic motor functions? 

Why should a housewife with children in her care living under her roof be able to consume alcohol whenever she wants when a manic depressive Veteran with PTSD sitting on his couch at home alone with no children to his name be punished for drinking a cup of cannabis tea? 

Why should a police officer be able to go to a bar with his buddies on a Friday night and consume as many alcoholic beverages as he wishes when a young woman is laying in a hospital bed being bombarded with deadly radiation and the same ingredients used to make Mustard Gas, can't just lay down in her own bedroom with a vape pen filled with cannabis oil because she'd rather choose to die trying nature's cure instead of letting radiation shut down her body and destroy her beautiful long soft hair while her stomach keeps rejecting every kind of food she eats? 

Why can an 18 year old kid still in high school be able to go to the convenience store a block away from his school to buy a carton of Marbororls and a pack of Black&Milds when the 63 year old man that is grieving for his recently deceased wife can't roll a joint and look through their photo albums with a smile on his face and the joy of all those memories flooding his heavy heart that would otherwise make him miserable and likely suicidal without the help of cannabis? 

Why should a family have to pay thousands of dollars a year for seizure medicine to help stifle their child's condition when they can grow cannabis freely to produce a non psychoactive extract that can stop seizures completely with regular doses? 

Why can the girl that just graduated college go drink herself to near fatal alcohol poisoning in celebration of her accomplishment when the Veteran returning from war can't go home on leave to enjoy a few brownies made with cannabis butter to give him a few hours to unwind and be in a state of calm bliss while the memories of his Brothers and Sisters in Arms being blown to pieces circle in his head as he wonders how good of a place they are in now instead of being tortured with the thoughts of why he couldn't save them and ensure their safe return to their families that instead received a coffin and a folded flag instead of their brave loved ones?

Senator, with all due respect- who are you to decide that Free Men & Women should not be able to choose if they want to enjoy one of the greatest natural gifts of nature or not when anyone over 21 can choose to risk organ failure, alcohol poisoning, liver damage, vehicle collisions, and even death- simply by going to their local bar or liquor store? How can you stand against Free Choice but you stand by allowing the risks of alcohol and tobacco consumption to happen? 

Cannabinoids are produced in breast milk and make all the difference when it comes to the development of a new born baby's brain. It is a proven fact that babies raised on artificial milk lack key developmental nutrients as opposed to those raised on breast milk. Studies have shown it is the Cannabinoids in breast milk that are responsible for maximizing newborn development.
Cannabis fibers (hemp) could replace plastic as the new biodegradable hard plastic material. Hemp can replace wood and paper products, effectively ending deforestation and the genocide of countless species all across the globe. Cannabis Hemp can be used to make vital supplements the body needs to survive, effectively ending world hunger. Biofeuls could be produced by using the byproducts of Cannabis Hemp, effectively supplying the world with one more natural resource. 

Tylenol hospitalized over 20,000 people and killed over 500 people last year alone. Caffeine causes strokes, heart attacks, insomnia, irritability, jitters, and more, yet kids can buy it from any food store in the country. Meanwhile cannabis extract has been proven to shrink brain tumors as well as halt the growth and spread of cancer cells while activating additional immune system abilities that also attack cancer cells. Case Study 7.17.8 out of Heidelberg Germany proved that inhaling cannabis reduces symptoms of ADHD.
Muscle relaxers like Cyclobenzaprine (which I take for a Service Connected injury) are fatal if taken in abundance and can ruin someone's life by causing such drowsiness that they need frequent naps and miss most of their day which in the case of parents makes them unable to parent because they are asleep most of the day and up most of the night because laying down can increase muscle spasms beyond the control of prescription pills, whereas cannabis sativa can stop muscle spasms while allowing the user to function normally throughout the day and cannabis indica can stop muscle spasms and help people sleep. 

Crime rates in California may have increased in 2010 because drug dealers are robbing the medical surplus but this year in Colorado where anyone can buy cannabis, crimes all across the board have decreased significantly because the drug dealers aren't stealing cannabis to sell it because no-one in Colorado needs to go to a drug dealer when they can go to the local shop for their canna~needs. Tax revenue has shot through the roof in Colorado and Washington just by cannabis taxation. 

If Oklahoma got that kind of tax increase, the state could put Tornado Shelters into every school in the state within the next two years. 

Every state would have enough tax revenue to hire police officers for every school in the country and school shootings would never be a threat again.
State funded mental health organizations like Red Rock in Oklahoma City would have better funding that would lead to better resources for the community that can't afford a private mental health doctor. 

Food stamp programs would be able to be increased, allowing families with low income to afford healthy natural foods instead of relying on cheap unhealthy processed foods that cause obesity, digestive issues, high blood pressure, cancers, diseases, and an overall unhealthy lifestyle. 

No city in the US would have to lay off police officers or firefighters due to budget cuts because the revenue from cannabis sales would stimulate our economy out of recession and end drug dealings with real career criminals and cartels. 

If you really did read this whole email and you cannot come to a compromise or at least understand that the freedom of choice is worth letting The People choose our own health risks as we choose our own religions and our own ways of life, then honestly you do not belong in office. The People voted you into office to protect our freedoms as Free Humans and our rights as Americans. If you stand by letting countless Americans suffer without Cannabis but do nothing to end the abuse of alcohol and tobacco, then you are a hypocrite and more importantly sir, you are morally and ethically unfit to serve The People as a Senator. 

If you choose to ignore the hard facts I have stated above and continue to be against our basic human right to choose for ourselves what we want to put into our bodies, then I will be looking forward to you doing your moral duty of resigning from the Senate. With the turmoil our country is going through, we need Real leadership, not a manipulative hypocrite faking his way through his service to his country just so he can undeservedly live lavishly.

James Patrick Keenan, Jr
U.S. Army, (Ret)

Take that Rona and shove it up your arse!

Blaine Barrett