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Monday, 28 July 2014

The CMA Response to My Criticism

I Offended The CMA
They Requested I Shut Up!

Bonus: Today I got a letter in response to my recent critcism of Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti. He’s too damned uppity to respond himself so he had his hired help write me. LOL

Dear Mr. Barrett

I am writing to you in my capacity as CMA’s Senior Legal Counsel in regards to your most recent correspondence to the CMA President, Dr. L.H. Francescutti on the subject of medical marijuana.

While individuals are certainly entitled to differences on opinion on such subject matters, we wish to underline that some of your statements are not appropriate nor professional. Do not direct future statements of this nature to the CMA and its elected representatives. Please govern yourself accordingly.

Jean Nelson
                           <><><><><><><><><><>                                 My Reply

Dear Ms. Nelson:

Thank you for your contact if for no other reason than it’s an acknowledgement that Dr. Lou is finally reading my submissions. You might ask him to see my previous ones which were, at the start, very appropriate and professional- No response. The fact that the fool decided to out me on his ignore list prompted this one you object to. My comments are all appropriate when directed at and about Dr. Lou. They are presented in a professional manner that matches that of your lord and master and I actually resent having to lower my standards to match his in order to establish a contact.

You are CMA’s Senior Legal Counsel and obviously have to be familiar with the provisions both the MMAR and the MMRP. Why are you letting Dr. Lou get away with his continual repetition of his lie that the document doctor’s have to sign is a “prescription”? That is an outright lie and you know it.

The Letter now required by the MMRP effectively is the same MMAR Declaration confirming the symptoms qualifying an individual for a legal right to buy pot. The only change with the MMRP is the restriction of that right to purchase from only one vendor from their approved list. What Doctors sign is not a prescription but a permit to buy and the Gateway function signing will create is just Bull!

You are allowing the fool to present the CMA as a collection of cowards in denial of the benefits of Marijuana because they all fear loss of income and will lose big kickbacks and fringe benefits that Big Pharma has used to buy their loyalty and “Prescribing” drugs one hell of a lot more dangerous than pot. For heavens sake, Dr. Francescutti should be far more concerned with his followers actually killing patients with their over-prescribing of Big Pharma opiates and other drugs with fatal consequences.

I should point out that I have no need to slice up Dr. Lou’s most recent outpouring of anguish over the harassment and approach of the sales professionals for marijuana who copy the tactics of Big Pharma sales professionals promoting their poisons.

I have no need to blow his presentation all to hell because that has already effectively been done by a Teenager who before he even enters university has the ability to recognize bullshit for what it is. You might want to send him a “Shut Your Mouth” letter like you did me. Check it out, you can read it in the True North Times at http://www.truenorthtimes.ca/2014/07/26/canadian-doctors-considering-medical-marijuana/#.U9WOtm2RaK0.facebook

I have no intention of curbing my criticism of Dr. Lou when he advocates that his Physicians violate their Oath “Do no harm” and refuse to sign for a patient in pain and are content to sit back and wait for their victim to die. This asshole has caused more harm to the Medical Marijuana patient pool than any of his predecessors. There are 40,000 of them declaring they benefit from using cannabis for manifold diseases and conditions and Dr. Lou stands on his podium declaring it has “No Medical Benefit”, that there has been no valid research despite thousands of published technically valid studies, that there is great risk in its use despite 5000 years of medical and recreational use. He closes his eyes and refuses to see the benefits that changed Dr. Sanjay Gupta from an opponent into an advocate for its use. I don’t understand how he could have missed the “Weed” documentary with its national exposure a half dozen times on various networks. I believe he is fully aware of his intentional denial of benefit but he has painted himself into a corner where he simply cannot declare himself a liar.

As far as your order “Do not direct future statements of this nature to the CMA and its elected representatives.” You can shove it where the sun don’t shine! 
I intent to continue to challenge the stupidity and dishonorable conduct of both Dr. Lou and his followers in the CMA, with regard to Medical Marijuana. As long as they persist with their denial of help to me and my 40,000 fellow companions now being persecuted, I will do so using any language appropriate to the situation, witha level of professionalism suitable to that of my target.

I do not know if you believe you have any legal recourse to make me hold my tongue and I don’t really give a damn if you do. Go ahead and sue me. I can’t even afford my own medication because of CMA’s opposition. Go ahead and get me arrested and thrown in the clink. I don’t give a shit if you do. That would be an increase in my standard of living: free rent, free meals, a new circle of friends for me, and a welcome holiday for my wife.

Feel free to do anything you want. I’m not afraid of Harper, the Cops and not you. Anything you do to silence me will simply elevate my podium and public visibility to a higher level. I need all the publicity I can get

At one point in my life long past I actually believed that a Doctor was a man of Character and held the profession in high regard. Unfortunately Dr. Lou and the profession have demonstrated a complete lack of ”The Six Pillars of Character” the ethical qualities that earned my regard: .
Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship.

Among these Pillars, “Honesty” is the most important component of each. The battery of lies regarding Cannabis that the CMA is spouting under D. Lou’s leadership, have destroyed all Six Pillars and the image the public is getting from their attitude is that of a bunch of moral derelicts.

 I have already published this reply completely on my blog at:

Chew on that. I look forward to your response

Blaine Barrett