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Monday, 28 July 2014

A Friend in Trouble Needs Our Help




By Carol Mulligan, Sudbury Star
“The use of medical marijuana is a subject many people don't want to weigh in on. Neither did I under I heard from Alexander Stewart.”

To me this is symptomatic of the ignorance of nearly all the newspaper columnists in local papers across this country. Ms. Mulligan had the integrity to admit she didn’t want to weigh in on Medical Marijuana. She probably was under the impression nobody in her community gave a damn because it didn’t concern them. Thank God the contact from Alexander served as a slap in the face and made her realize that she had a neighbour, invisible to her community, who needed her help and support. She gave that to Alexander with her column and she is to be commended for that act. Hopefully her column will be read by the citizens of Sudbury and they will begin to understand the severity of the position that not only Alex but probably more of their fellow neighbours are facing getting the only medication for agonizing conditions that works for them.

Alexander needs help and I got a brilliant idea how to try to get some for him but it all depends on YOU!

I want all of you to tale 2 minutes to send an e-mail to:

The Ontario Minister of Health - Hon. Dr. Eric Hoskins at

That’s his constituency and the people there should know what their MPP is up to LOL
For a little more punch add CC: mayor@greatersudbury.ca

All I want you to do is copy and paste this simple request I wrote:


Subject: Please Help Alexander Stewart

Dear Minister:

I want to bring your attention to the plight of one of your patients in hospital in Sudbury and I have a request that is within your sphere of influence to do. It relates to his difficulty with Medical Marijuana and maintaining his supply of medication. He is licensed to use it , needs an extract, and he has a designated grower; both will disappear when growth becomes illegal. They are not criminals and an exception to the law should be made.

I realize it is not in you power to change the Laws of Canada could you please use your position of influence with the Minister of Justice and the Officer commanding the Sudbury Police or Detachment to simply close one eye and refuse to arrest or prosecute them as the City of Vancouver has done to accommodate the needs of Medical Marijuana Licensees

Thank you for your consideration: No reply is needed, your action is!
Best regards:

Your name.


If anyone wants to help this man send that e-mail right now, you have the time or you wouldn’t be on the web reading this. Please do so: it’s a piddly individual request that you can turn into an effective protest action by twiddling your fingers and just sit back and watch. Just how effective is a mass appeal for mercy on the Ontario Government? With your help we’ll find out. Send your request and then share this request as widely as possible.

If you do send this e-mail you will earn my deepest appreciation but you also have the opportunity to make Alexander’s day. Send him a copy or contact him at


Shake off your apathy guys and become an activist. There aren’t nearly enough bitchers and this is a golden opportunity to step up the volume on my Ghetto Blaster! Go For It!
Blaine Barrett