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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Follow up E mail To Mayor Robertson August 4 2014

Follow up E mail To Mayor Robertson  August 4 2014

Another Goddamned Rant and Request
Read What I Wrote

I have sent another e-mail to Mayor Robertson and Chief Chu about Jim’s Weeds. I want you all to read it and consider what I request when you’re finished.

First however I have to deal with a communication problem and I will resolve it right now.
The reaction to my Friendship Blast was about as expected: Almost Normal Apathy! A few positive supporting Comments from people with their heads screwed on straight, a flurry of likes, a couple of really pissed off negatives, but from all you others. SFA!
About as Expected

I can live with that but what really pissed me off was the fact all the negatives were the same! They stated:


Well NEITHER DO I- but

A few guys took exception to my lecture and chewed my ass up for ordering them to do something and are no more. They never bothered to read and understand what I wrote. I threatened no-one!

I gave you all a Choice not an Order

I outlined the problem with Jim’s and I informed you of a Petition that I wanted signed. There is a difference between “Ask” and “Tell”

I did not ask anyone to do anything. That is a total waste of time so I decided not to be so “nice” and I simply told you what I wanted done and gave everyone the choice to do so! I also added a rider that if you chose not to sign; you were declaring yourself an enemy. I don’t stay friends with enemies and if you were one “unfriend me”. Thanks to those who did! I don’t need you in my circle.

Back to the Matter at Hand

Regarding: The Raid that Closed Jim’s Weeds

What now follows is the Letter sent to Mayor Robertson and Chief Chu. Once again I will tell you what you can do to help with this and add emphasis to our problem. I would like each of you after reading what I have asked the Mayor; look at the five final questions to the Mayor and copied to Chief Chu for answers.

If you would like to know the answers as much as I

Ask for them!

E-mail or phone Mayor Robertson  and Chief Chu

You don’t have to be formal or nice or give a lot of detail. Just ask a question referencing the raid and you want information about it. No reply necessary but a public answer is

A simple statement;

Regarding: The Jim’s Weeds Raid. I would like you know the answers to the five questions asked you by Blaine Barrett today in his e-mail. Please provide them.

Even simpler.

Why did you destroy Jim’s Weeds? I want answers .

Even that is too fancy! Anything you want to say will make a difference and you can tell them any way you want. Every complaint received will heighten the visibility of our supply crisis to City Hall and the Cops. If a miracle happens it will be noticed by the local press who should have been on their ass long ago and actually wake up the public. We can only hope.


I have posted the E-mail addresses and Phone numbers of both the Mayor and Chief Chu at the end of my letter. The choice is simple. Help or not help, Read judge and decide.



As Sent Today
To: Gregor Robertson  Mayor of Vancouver
Phn: 604-873-7621
Cc: Chief Jim Chu     Vancouver Police Department
Phn: (604) 717-3321

Mayor Robertson: Chief Chu                       August 5, 2014
5 days ago I sent you both a request for an explanation of the Fiasco at Jim's Weeds. You have not see fit to reply! Why not? Embarrassed about a violation of common decency by the SS I thought you controlled? I think you can tell by the tone of this letter that you have a problem that isn't going to go away. Me! Every word of this is being sent to all my Facebook friends who also were customers of Jims and now have no place to get, much less afford to buy their medications. WE are not going to disappear and we would like some answers Numero Uno Who did this to us?
I am not going to repeat the recital sob story I attached to my last e-mail "In Memorium” outlines the callous brutality your minions handed out in their Phoney Photo Op Raid. A first hand account of a witness who was there watching the farce go down and involved in it

“SWAT Team Practice for the Riot Squad”

1.  Ramming into the place, jamming Jim out of the way! Poof!
2.  Threatening and intimidating staff and customers ad lib.
3.  Taking money out of a wallet? Poof!
4.  Illegaly seizing an innocent customer’s medication? Poof!
5.  Seizing all the store contents required to reopen. Poof!

Mickey Mouse crap! There is no point in pursuing and investigating that minor stuff because once again cops investigate cops and walk away. Do I sound Disillusioned? You had better believe it! I thought better of the VPD

This raid was not the result of some street level Cop overdoing his duty as an arrogant contemptuous asshole.

This raid was designed to destroy the business because Jim was selling weed for as low as $3/gra. and he was hurting the Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary business and being threatened for doing so but it doesn’t matter who made the complaint. There are too many assholes to suspect.
But there’s lots of money at stake to fester corruption and
I think I can state with confidence that whoever decided to break the cease fire has a lot of clout and a comfy seat way up in in the bureaucracy: either the Cop Shop under Chief Jim Chu or City Hall under you.

I think everyone wants an answer because of questions like:

These are addressed to you and Chief Chu separately. I think we are owed an answer from the Chief as well.

In order then: to you both:

1.  Was it you who authorized the Raid? Plain and Simple. Yes or No
2.  Were you aware of the Raid beforehand?
3.  When did you first hear of it?
4.  Do you know “Who” authorized the Raid?
5.  If not, why not? and
6.  What do you intend to do to find out

I will now leave you and let you digest that, grit your teeth!

I suggest you both start trying find out and I don’t mean sometime next week! I want some answers from you Chief particularly the names and rank of all the officers involved. To hell with privacy and security and freedom of Information.
Just ask them WTF went on there and I’d like a summary of their side of the story if possible.

I look forward to a reply at your earliest possible convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration of the situation: unfortunately this is not the end of a problem, just the start. Now you’ve got me on your back.

Best regards:

Blaine Barrett


And here we are and you know the problem.

Now I’m telling you that you can help me and magnify whatever impact this message has on the Mayor and the Chief by either calling or e-mailing to back up my request for some answers. I’m not asking and I’m not telling you what to write just get the point across that you want answers for the Jim’s Weeds atrocity. Feel free to link your request to my letter and the six questions for each. Complaining either way text or phone will do me no favour but is a big one for your “self”

Once again here are the contacts for the recipients:

As Sent Today
To: Gregor Robertson  Mayor of Vancouver gregor.robertson@vancouver.ca
Phn: 604-873-7621
Cc: Chief Jim Chu     Vancouver Police Department
Phn: (604) 717-3321

Now you make the decision “Do I help or don’t I?” and act on it. I know where I sit on the totem pole of Character and Ethics. Look in the mirror and ask your self where you think you fit?
If you help: you make yourself a place in the Clan of Decency and Pride and you will be able to stare the mirror down.
If you don’t start helping I hope you are too ashamed to try to look at yourself.

Do what you will but do it. I would prefer mid-morning to ruin coffee break and overload the machinery downtown but anytime in the next couple of days would be lovely.

I hope to hell this protest does have impact and force an apology. If it does I am planning others because now you are going to show me whether I have managed to break through to and who will listen to reason and help if they judge the cause worthy.  That is all any Advocate could ask.

Balls in your court.

Blaine Barrett