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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My Complaint to Mayor Robertson and Chief Chu

Re: The Raid that Closed Jim’s Weeds

My Complaint to Mayor Robertson

TheSmeeGoanGuy Blaine Barrett <thesmeegoanguy@gmail.com>

AttachmentsJul 30 (6 days ago)

to gregor.roberts., pss
Attn Mayor Gregor Robertson                                                          gregor.robertson@vancouver.ca
Copy: Chief Jim Chu  VPD             pss@vpd.ca or vpv@vpd.ca

Dear Mayor Robertson;                                  Jul 30, 2014
My name is Blaine Barrett
I am a Medical Marijuana Advocate and Ethical Critic from Surrey BC
My nom de plume is TheSmeeGoanGuy
I have  blog named: Medical Marijuana with TheSmeeGoanGuy at

For the past couple of years the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Police Department have been held in high regard for their tolerance of Medical Marijuana. We felt there was recognition of our needs for medication and all of us who need it were grateful. Now the stupid bastards of the VPD have raided and driven out of business; the most reliable and reputable Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Vancouver. Their service quality and knowledge out of the 45 Dispensaries allowed to operate that is only matched by the BC Compassion Club. The rest are profiteers out for a quick buck selling crap that has no medicinal value.

The loss of Jim’s is the loss of the lowest priced source of Medicinal Cannabis for all his customers and the best informed counselor as to its use for a variety of ailments.

I have attached for your consideration the farewell note to the customers of the Dispensary. Read it with disgust. The cops were stupid, rude and aggressive, There was no need for the physical attack on Jim when they entered and there is no justification for the removal of a customers money and refusal to return it. Straight goddamned theft from a cop that his buddies will swear never happened.

To my knowledge they found nothing to support their allegations of illegal sales to youth or to unlicensed customer when they made the raid. Why then did the vicious sons-of-bitches remove all the shit they seized. Without any arrest for a crime they emptied the store to prevent its reopening and they succeeded. If they had left all the material they seized the store would have reopened the next day and all that they would have to do was apologize for stupidity but we would still have a source of supply that we could afford.

The cops intentionally removed anything that would enable a reopening of the business and now we all have to buy from shysters like The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary next door at 880 E. Hastings.

I would have liked to chew out Jim Chu but he’s in hiding and I can’t find an e-mail address for him so I simply copied the complaint box at VPD with this communication. You may not even even known this was in the works but its your city and its your top Cop who authorized the raid. He should have known better than to send the Goon Squad

I’m not going to say more. Read the attachment for a first hand account of how the bully boys acted out of control. They showed a complete lack of respect for Jim, his staff, but more importantly his customers. Why was it necessary to remove the customer’s legal medication before they were allowed to leave? They were all licensed or Jim would have been removed under arrest. They not only stole money they stole the customers pot. It almost made me sick. I hope it does you!

Blaine Barrett
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