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Monday, 14 April 2014



Introduction: This is the first in a series of posts regarding the problems that exist within the Canadian Justice System. This first one deals with the source of the problem and the following posts will deal with other contributing factors that create the impulse for our Policing to fall into a Fascist mode
Over the course of the last decade on an ever increasing basis the Canadian Public has been witness to the deterioration of the Justice system into one where secrecy, lies, ignorance, obstinacy and submission are the controlling forces governing the conduct of the National Police Forces or Canadian Constabulary, The relationship between Police Officers and the Public has deteriorated to the point of mutual hostility and mistrust and contaminates our whole society.

Up until about thirty years ago if a Police Officer knocked on a citizen’s door in midmorning and asked if he could ask some questions he would be invited in, offered a coffee and his questions answered without reservation. There would be no suspicion of any ulterior motive; he was a friend who could be trusted.

In the same circumstances today a wise citizen will refuse the Officer entry to the residence unless he has a warrant and will refuse to answer any questions until in the presence of a judge, If any Cop is granted entry to the residence; anything he sees, or is told, is recorded as evidence that can be used to prosecute and convict you but none of that evidence can be used to defend yourself.
Watching this change in the relationship over the years I have tried to find the source of the disaffection and why the split occurred, but it is only in the past few months that I feel I have traced the origin back to a mistake made by Lyin” Brian Mulroney in 1985. In the interest of covering his own dirty tracks he created the Access to Information Act R.S.C., 1985, c. A-1 that specifically was intended to “extend the present laws of Canada that provide access to information under the control of the Government of Canada.

Passage of the Act was automatic considering Brian had the largest Majority Government in Canadian history. In his attempt to gain respectability and support, he accepted and protected the Canadian Constabulary’s role of secrecy with regard to investigations in progress concerning virtually all criminal activity.

Brian wasn’t smart enough to realize that he was dealing with a Constabulary, a structure created by the British military to maintain discipline in the ranks; and who opposed any reduction their control. He also missed the fact that the rank and file within the Constabulary had bonded together into what has been called the “Blue Brotherhood”. This opposing group was created out of necessity to resist the arbitrary disciplinary nature of the Constabulary. They were effective in influencing the list of exemptions for investigations that effectively grants all Police officers who commit a crime complete immunity from prosecution.

The moral of the story is that whenever a complaint is lodged against a police officer for a violation of any law it automatically initiates an investigation and details are not open to scrutiny.

At this point in Canadian history we are in a period where the police can commit crime with impunity because the Act prevents all information about the progress and nature of the investigation from being revealed.

As if this level of protection wasn’t enough there has been a corruption of the investigatory procedures to restrict the investigation to another Constabulary detachment. In short only Cops investigate crimes by other Cops. That is the topic of my next post regarding the worst advice given to Lyin’ Brian.by:


Until Then
Blaine Barrett