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Monday, 9 February 2015

Liars, Liars, Pants on Fire

You are Violating Your Oath!
Stop Lying to Your Patients.
Regain Your Integrity!

Attn; Dr. Simpson and all College Registrars

Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities
Fleur-Ange Lefebvre, Executive Director and CEO
College of Physicians and Surgeons
Dr. Trevor Theman
Dr. Karen Shaw
Dr. William Pope
Dr. Yves Robert
New Brunswick
Dr. Ed Schollenberg
Nova Scotia
Dr. Douglas A. (Gus) Grant
Prince Edward Island
Dr. Cyril Moyse
Newfoundland and Labrador
Dr. Robert Young
Ms. Fiona Charbonneau
Ms. Barbara Harvey
Mr. Dan Faulkner

Ladies and Gentlemen: I have a Complaint:

The Medical Marijuana Policy of the CMA
 Violates its own Code of Ethics

After reviewing the history of the Medical Marijuana Program I have come to the conclusion that the Medical Profession in Canada, by their avoidance of the truth has, possibly unknowingly, committed an act of professional misconduct, in that they have engaged in disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional conduct.

My name is Blaine Barrett and I am a Medical Marijuana Advocate and Ethical Critic residing in Surrey BC. I am 72, a concerned Senior Citizen and one of 40000 patients who were previously legally licensed to use and purchase Medical Marijuana. Since September of this year all 40,000 of us are now compelled by law to obtain a signature but cannot get a physician to sign applications for a “renewal”! I suffer from Double Depression and Neurological Pain in my back and legs. I have used Marijuana since 1999 for mental control and pain management. I only require 1-2 gr./day but when I need it I NEED it!

I obtained my first Application Form B2 signature in 2007 and since my first purchase from them I have been witness to the Harper Government’s Health Canada calculated destruction of the Medical Marijuana Access Program. The implementation of the Marihuana for Medical for Research Purposes Regulations has destroyed all patients’ ability to obtain their medication from any legal source except of the new crop of extremely expensive Licensed Producer (LP). In order for a patient to become a customer he must provide a document signed by a doctor, and that at this moment has created an insurmountable blockade for access to a legal supply of Marijuana.
We need help. There are 40,000 qualifed applicants who need a renewal.

What is most disappointing is the Canadian Medical Association’s participation in the destruction of the MMAR. They adopted a hostile Medical Marijuana Policy to act as a deterrent to their members. Ever since 2003 the CMA has stubbornly refused to comply with the MMAR policies that it finds objectionable; and has advised its members not to participate in the program by refusing to sign applications. This was an obstacle to patients that has continually increased in severity for the past 11 years and it’s all based on lies.

With the creation of the MMRP program in Sept. 2013 Health Canada changed the source of our legal supply to an LP but there still was a way to access with a doctor’s signature. That access has now been eliminated as of May 13, 2014.

May 13, 2014, six months ago, Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti, the last president of the Canadian Medical Association made a declaration and as the head of the advocacy organization had one message for all Canadian doctors when it comes to prescribing marijuana:

“Don’t do it!”

The Deterioration of Medical Ethics
Related to Medical Marijuana

In the course of our national history, there has never been another profession more respected, admired, and trusted than the Canadian Medical Profession was in 1867. Three months after the founding of Canada, 164 Canadian Medical Professionals coalesced to form the Canadian Medical Association to serve our national health needs.

One of their first concerns was with the moral and ethical character of Physicians to ensure a continuation of the respect they held in Society. To ensure the expectations were met, they devised and adopted a Code of Ethics to cover the practice of Medicine in Canada and expand the scope of the Hippocratic Oath they all swore to honour. This was last revised in 2004 and last reviewed in Mar, 2012. It is based on the fundamental principles and values of medical ethics, especially compassion, beneficence, non-malfeasance, respect for persons, justice and accountability.

It is worthy to note that at that time physicians relied on testimonial evidence alone. With reference to Cannabis the evidence is still on hand: 5000 years of medical use with not one death or any other established harmful consequence of its use; but the CMA now opposes its use in any form. What happened to detour the CMA into a complete reversal regarding Cannabis?

There effectively was no CMA policy regarding marijuana for 100 years until the Hippy Revolution of the 1960’s raised its profile and the War on Drugs commenced. The CMA was not overly concerned about pot and prior to 2000 they were in favour of decriminalization. Then the Canadian Government passed the Medical Marihuana Access Regulations and the CMA got its nose out of joint because the Government took the position of telling them what to do and not asking for their help. Over the course of the last 11 years and 11 presidents the CMA has rigidly opposed Medical Marijuana citing three primary objections and Physicians are now obstructing the application process.

They now condemn all testimonial evidence as a pack of lies and cannabis has no medical benefit worthy of consideration? Despite 5000 years of no harm this opposition is based on three complete lies that have intentionally distorted the publics understanding of cannabis’ medical benefit.

Violations of Ethics rule 4, 9, and 14

1.    Prescribing marijuana to a patient is a risk that exposes him to too many unknown possible detrimental effects and could harm the patient.

Over 5000 years of Testimonial evidence laud its wide range of medical benefits and supports the lack of any possible harm: not one death or consequential health problem from its use in any fashion. The CMA asserts there is no scientific basis for that conclusion and any doctor prescribing it could be legally liable for causing harm to a patient. Pure fiction! Every recipient of this complaint is fully aware that there is no legal liability related to signing an application and if there were, it is a simple matter to get a Waiver of Responsibility form for the patient to sign from your College. It’s an intentional denial and proven Cover Your Ass technique that every doctor is well aware of.


2.    There is inadequate research of any benefits from its use that are up to the acceptable standards of the CMA.

At this point these standards exclude almost all of the Global research done by the international Medical community. Any research done by any other specialty or field of practice will not be considered. Even the studies by foreign scientists of the Nobel Laureate level are intentionally ignored. At this point over 100 cannabinoids have been identified and each, or a combination result in beneficial results, but the CMA demands that each of these need to be verified as acceptable to Pharmaceutical level testing. There is more than adequate research that has been conducted in the past ten years being ignored by the CMA that proves them to be intentional liars in denial of reality.

I suggest you all bring yourselves up to date on current research and watch this documentary:

4/20 Marijuana Documentary - Cannabis Research Studies - 2014

The CMA and Health Canada are equally distortionary when it comes to the hazards of Marijuana use. Despite all the claimed hazards they have no Research Studies that meet their own CMA standards so its all Lies again.


3.    The CMA holds that Physicians who approve an application for Medical Marijuana are acting as a Gateway to more serious drug addiction and criminal behaviour.

A physician’s signature on an Application for Marijuana is deemed a Prescription by the CMA: What a line of crap. Read both the MMAR and the MMPR and neither requires a “Prescription”.

The MMAR requires a signature on a Form B1 or B2. That signature is a declaration that the symptoms displayed by an applicant are enough to warrant inclusion as a Licensee under the MMAR. The License permits the patient to purchase and possess dried marijuana from Health Canada and no place else.

The MMRP is similar in that all the doctor is doing is simply certifying that the applicant once again meets the symptom criteria for medical marijuana and the signed application serves only as authority to purchase dried marijuana from one of the new expensive Licensed Producers. It has no other power!


The three foregoing statements, as justification for the CMA’s blockade of signatures, are in direct conflict with the CMA Code of Ethics to which all physicians are required to conform. There are 53 rules and I have only cited the three most egregious violations by the Association before I deal with those of the Colleges.

As Class examples:

4. Practise the art and science of medicine competently, with     Integrity

Integrity= the most important requirement in a man of Character! Its primary and first component is Honesty!
“Risk”, “No benefit” and “Addictive”
 = Intentional, Calculated LIES!

You may not agree with that conclusion but there are 40,000 of us who believe it. They know better!

9. Refuse to participate in or support practices that violate basic human rights.

We have a Charter Right to Access our Medication.
Why are our physicians blocking the way?

The CMA opposes Parental Control of Treatment

Compare these two conflicts:

Ref: Leukemia treatment disputes reopen debate whether parents should have final say over children’s welfare

Cannabis Extract Treatment for Terminal Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with a Philadelphia Chromosome Mutation

Why is the Medical Profession exercising its power to deny Parental Rights and forcing children into chemotherapy with all its known hazardous effects? In this instance they refuse treatment with a medication with no known serious side effects in favour of chemotherapy with a high probability of Chemo side effects:
Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting, Mouth Sores, (Mucositis), Neuropathy, Neutropenia and Infections, Diarrhea, Constipation, and Hair loss.

14. Take all reasonable steps to prevent harm to patients;

Intentional denial of access to a medication being used for symptom relief, knowing full well that this act could result in serious recurrence of symptoms, is not a reasonable step to avoid harm. Neither are Prescribing Fentanyl and Opioids with devastating known side effects and an elevated risk of death.


These three statements effectively establish that the CMA based their Marijuana Policy, on lies that are obvious to any person who values integrity and has even a minimal knowledge of Medical Marijuana use.

The Role of the Colleges

I feel betrayed by the opposition to Cannabis use as declared in CMA Official Policy. I feel further dismayed by every Canadian College of Physicians and Surgeons copying, adopting and following the CMA’s lead blindly and proliferating the three lies. All Colleges recently revised their Official Policies to add additional restrictive procedures and practices that are totally ridiculous and completely impractical. You have no idea of the complexity of the medication you are trying to regulate: these additions to policy are based on ignorance with no basis in fact.

It seems the Doctors have now taken the initiative and in return for their signature want total control of the Doctor/ Patient relationship. We have a profession that, after admitting that they have very little knowledge about any of the aspects of Medicinal Cannabis use or treatment: are demanding complete control of a patient’s treatment under threat of terminating their prescription for disobedience. That is not going to fly. You are acting prematurely and without consideration of the fact that at the current time you are only dealing with the smallest component of the patient pool by blindly following the Harper restriction of medical use to smoking dried marijuana.

For the past eleven years the medical profession has effectively watched the use of marijuana as a medication grow and made no attempt to learn anything about marijuana therapy and treatment modes. You are dealing with a patient population that for all that time was improvising and developing different methods of treatment for a large number of medical problems and 90% have abandoned smoking and developed a whole range of treatment options that you are ignoring. Depending on the problem there are oils like Phoenix Tears, Extracts, tinctures, edibles, ointments, suppositories, etc. and the majority of physicians are ignorant of any of it. 

At this point the Doctor/Patient relationship between the 40000 Medical Marijuana Qualified Patients and almost all 60000 of your CMA members is one of mistrust. Doctors view patients as potential drug addicts and liability risk and Patients view Doctors as a contemptible bunch of liars in denial of reality. We feel betrayed because we trusted you as Good Samaritans and you have just ignored our need for help for years and you are still stuck telling the same three lame lies as justification for closing your eyes to the consequences of your indifference.

Stop and Reconsider

At this point, as a profession, you are backed into a corner with no place to go. Salvage your integrity and tell the truth. Simply admit you have reassessed your position and you were wrong. Not publicly but privately to yourself and consider what I am proposing as a change in tactics that can go a long way to restoring the Doctor/Patient relationship to one of mutual trust.

At this time the profession is fixated on only Dried Marijuana as the whole problem. I doubt even 10% of the patients using Medical Marijuana do so by smoking. The majority require raw plant product as a source material for whatever personal formula they are making to treat themselves. They make oils, extracts, medibles, and salves in 1000+ differing ways and schedules of use. A lousy prescription, as you call it, for the maximum 5 grams recommended by Ottawa does absolutely nothing if the patient needs 50 pounds of raw herbal product per month for his treatment. You all know nothing about the manufacture or use of any of these products in depth and in about two years with legalization a physician’s permission will be null and void and the distrust of the 90% of users will never be destroyed.

You all need to eat some crow and show some moral fortitude and join with your patients to demand money from the liars in the Harper Government to correct your lack of knowledge. Research is necessary and attached to this Complaint you will find one possible way to deal with the problem. My proposal is called the Risk Research Assessment Project and it is attached for your consideration. I previously made this in the form of a proposal for a joint research project to Dr. Louis Francescutti after his appointment to the CMA Presidency. I was ignored as is standard practice for the CMA.
Since then I have watched the profession fester with resentment and they are now in an impossible situation making unreasonable demands that cannot be met because they have destroyed all confidence in their role as a trustworthy source of help.

I may be a fool or simply overly optimistic but I believe that there is a way to break the current impasse if only the profession will listen and understand that they need to show some humanity and understanding and above all negotiate a middle ground to establish a workable Doctor/Patient relationship in Cannabis Treatment and establish its benefit on a factual basis.

So where does that leave us now?
In a position where we can ignore Government influence and resolve the differences in goals of Doctors and Patients by partnering to a new instructional model and eliminating the shortage of information that so plagues Doctors in the assumption of the risk of treatment. To this end I now repeat the proposal I made the CMA to establish a joint Program to collect the missing information. It is far from perfect but consideration of its development into a data base of great utility in a very short time.

I would very much appreciate an acknowledgement of receipt of this Complaint and thank you in advance for any consideration you may give my proposal.

I would very much like to know your reaction and would welcome any criticism or comment you may feel free to provide as to how you collectively will proceed to correct these ethical shortcomings.
Best regards

Blaine Barrett
#255, 10202-149st
Surrey BC V3R 3Z8