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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

I HAVE A COMPLAINT! A Problem with Ethics and Medical Marijuana

You are Violating Your Oath!
Stop Lying to Your Patients.
Regain Your Integrity!
A Problem with Ethics and Medical Marijuana

I HAVE A COMPLAINT! A Problem with Ethics and Medical Marijuana

Attn; Dr. Simpson and all College Registrars

Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities
Fleur-Ange Lefebvre, Executive Director and CEO
College of Physicians and Surgeons
Dr. Trevor Theman
Dr. Karen Shaw
Dr. William Pope
Dr. Yves Robert
New Brunswick
Dr. Ed Schollenberg
Nova Scotia
Dr. Douglas A. (Gus) Grant
Prince Edward Island
Dr. Cyril Moyse
Newfoundland and Labrador
Dr. Robert Young
Ms. Fiona Charbonneau
Ms. Barbara Harvey
Mr. Dan Faulkner

The “Sleep, Slide, and Away” Treatment

You are just put to Sleep,
You slide into oblivion,
You’re away from it all

If you are a normal person you want a peaceful and painless death! It doesn’t matter how or when but that is the goal. To guarantee that you find a doctor who will agree to a binding legal agreement to render a service in the indefinite future if and when you decide it is appropriate and the conditions are right! It is your Rational decision to have him simply put you to sleep and keep you there to avoid the pain of death!

Note this well:

This is not a request for the doctor to euthanize you or shorten your natural life span in any way and should be ethically and morally acceptable to all doctors. Just put the patient to sleep! That is all!

The Physicians First Responsibility

Any Physician’s first responsibility to a Patient is to keep them alive as long as possible, but unfortunately all patients inevitably die. To the Canadian Medical Association, all members are bound by their Hippocratic Oath: Do No Harm! as well as their  acceptance of the 7th Commandment:
Thou Shalt Not Kill!

The Physicians Second Responsibility

The Physician’s second responsibility to his patient as soon as he is diagnosed as terminal is to now render the time left to the patient to be as peaceful and painless as possible. Physicians have great skill at this task, but many times they fail.

What does the doctor do when the drugs don’t work?

He fulfills his obligation to the patient and ensures the lack of pain by putting the man to sleep to stop the pain. Per the agreement and the Advance Care Directive or Living Will he gave an injection and had the life extending nutrition and hydration removed. A series of scheduled bed checks and additional sedation maintains sleep until death three days to a week later.

At this point the physician is blameless and bears no responsibility for the death.

1.    He fulfilled his first responsibility until he could extend the patients life no more.
2.    He fulfilled his second responsibility by putting his patient to sleep and not disturbing it.
3.    He has no responsibility for the shortening of the life span: Either natural causes from the illness or intentional suicide by starvation was the cause of death.
4.    In all likelihood he is obeying the Golden Rule and “Doing unto Others”: after all Physicians die too!

The lack of hydration and nutrition is a natural cause that accelerates death and is the wish of the patient.

It’s a simple and sensible way to get around all the moral and legal objections to suicide. It is not only applicable for physically painful exits but for virtually any other reason to justify why you don’t want to live any more! Mental and emotional pain can all be considered because pain is pain and when it becomes intolerable it can be eliminated.

 CMA President Dr. Chris Simpson has planned a re-examination of the Physician’s role in all End of Life issues including Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide. I want to ensure that the CMA considers the “Sleep, Slide and Away” Treatment and hopefully deems it an acceptable practice for physicians in future if requested of them. So I asked them