I have begun to believe my mind is full of tiny little topics that act like pimples.

No one can predict the order they start to fester in, or when they’ll get ripe and burst.

Monday, 31 March 2014


Even Harpo’s Right Wing Buddies Disapprove

April 1, 2014:

I’m going to start posting more often but probably in smaller pieces with more variety. I am finding it very hard to assemble all the material to support a post of a thousand words which unfortunately; for you my readers; is about average for me. In the time it takes to assemble the material for a good critical analysis I think that in the course of a couple of weeks work on an article, I can also produce a lot of one paragraph commentaries about all the weird stuff that is going on in our buggered up society!

There’s no shortage of material to work with in my priority subjects
 My Advocacy of Marijuana and as an Ethical Critic
Harper the Hun and his Horde!: Our Duplicitous Dickhead Doctors!:
Our Sick System of Justice and its criminal Canadian Cops,
And last but not least:
Our Apathetic Press and Public.

A few of the related but yet unrelated questions will be:
1.    What’s going on with Harpo and crowd?
2.    Will they ease up on their prosecution plans as MacKay suggested?
3.    Today he hinted that they might have made a mistake with their Afghanistan invasion? How many killed in consequence?
4.    A new piece of bullshit nearly everyday to comment on.
5.    What are these goddamn doctors up to?
6.    What kind of role will they Play: Authoritarian Dictator or a Treatment Advisor?
7.    Is there a standardized Prescription form for them to use?
8.    Why is the whole judiciary afraid of the Cops? The entire Crown: the Judges, the Prosecution and the whole legal system permit them to perjure themselves at will.
9.    Cops are trained liars in their role as investigators but there is no deterrent or consequence when bear they witness and lie at trial in order to convict an innocent man.
10.                       Mr. Arsehole Gerry McNeilly:The Director of the Office of Independent Police Review is a loser and I’m never going to forgive that token nigger for treating me like one! I complained of a crime against 4100 people and he won’t admit a mistake by a Clerk and effectively told me to F Off in bureaucratese language!
11.                       How can we wake up the public and get Journalists off their asses to actually investigate a few of their headlines, and tell the public about the deceit of our authorities?
On and on. There’s tons of fat to fry and I hope you enjoy the change in diet!
I will. I like ranting!
Blaine Barrett