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Friday, 16 October 2015

The Progress of my Protest

The Progress of my Protest

Bureaucratic Ignorance and Indifference
As I Expected

Naughty! Naughty!

It has been six weeks since I mailed my Denunciation of Gerry McNeilly to Ontario Premier Wynne with copies to both the Minister of Safety and Corrections and the Attorney General. The Premier responded quickly within a week with a note expressing concern and advising that I would be getting a response from the Attorney General to deal with my questions. I was pleased and prepared to wait.
While waiting for the Attorney General’s contact, on Sept 23 I was surprised to receive a more or less insulting dismissal to my Complaint from the Webmaster-Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. Whoever received the 20 page complaint copy for the Minister failed to read it beyond the first couple of pages. I was thanked for my complaint and documentation, given a lecture about the scope and function of the OIPRD but since I had already been rejected by the Director there was nothing the Ministry could do.
The problem with this response is that the current 20 page complaint had nothing to do with my previous dismissal, or the OIPRD. It was completely unnoticed that the previous dismissal was simply the concrete evidence of the failure of the Director to deal properly with my complaint. He ignored the Criminal Code Section 219.1 Criminal Negligence of the OPP that my complaint concerned. I did nothing just sat and started to stew.
On October 05 my response from the Attorney General arrived and it too had been routed down the chain of command to some “Agency and Tribunal Relations Division” who concluded:
 We have noted your concerns regarding your OIPRD complaints and the Independent Police Review Director.  Thank you for your feedback and for taking the time to contact the Ministry.”
Well in my game Two Strikes and you’re out. The same stupid behavior of Gerry McNeilly apparently has infected the upper echelons. Two high level employees, staffers got a 20 page complaint either to or from to the Premier and supposedly the Attorney General had received instruction to contact me as advised in the Premier’s acceptance.
The same cardinal sin occurred in two Ministries of the Government:
1.   Someone assigned to deal with a problem gets my Complaint
2.   t looks like a lot of work: 20 pages for Christ Sake!
3.   What’s it all about? Oh there’s a cover letter
4.   This says he’s got a problem with the OIPRD and there’s nothing we can do.
5.   Alter Form letter to express regret and inability to help and we can forget about it.
6.   The best part is we don’t have to sign it so nobody can trace a bugger up back to you`.

I responded to both contacts that they were fools who didn’t read any of the details and they had screwed up badly. Whether the return addresses given actually accepted or just scrapped my responses I will never know.
I know from dealing with hundreds of people who have been blocked by bureaucracy: details are never considered and mistakes are manifold.
I decided that since the fools would not volunteer information then perhaps the Premier could order them to tell me WTF is going on. I want transparency and I need answers so I made some suggestions to the Premier.

My Letter to Premier Wynne
Kathleen Wynne, Premier                            October 13, 2015
Legislative Building
Queen's Park
Toronto ON M7A 1A1

Ref: Your e-mail of September 8, 2015 regarding my
Denunciation of a Government Appointee

The Response to your correspondence file#: MC-2015-5305

Dear Premier Wynne:

I very much appreciated your acknowledgement of my complaint and your advisory that I would be contacted by the Attorney General for a follow up on what was going to happen. At this point I have received replies from both the Attorney Generals office and the Safety and Corrections Ministry and I suggest you brace yourself, I think you will be ashamed of both responses.

Safety and Corrections replied first on Sept 23 and the Attorney General followed on October 5 and I am sorry to report that both reflected the same inattention to detail flaw that betrayed Director McNeilly. They both received the same 20 page complaint and both read only the first page or two to the point where they felt they could dismiss my complaint with no further action.
Safety and Corrections advised:
A complaint may be about the services or policies of a police service, or it may be about the conduct of a specific officer or officers. I understand from your correspondence that you have already filed a complaint with the OIPRD and its decision was that there was no indication of any breach of the Code of Conduct by the OPP. The OIPRD Director’s decisions are independent from the Ontario government, the police and the community. As the OIPRD has the final say in this matter, neither the OPP nor the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services have jurisdiction to pursue this matter further.
Sincerely, Webmaster, Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services
The anonymous author of that dismissal read only as far as the identification that I had a previous complaint with the OIPRD so he could dump me. End of problem.
The response from the Attorney General was more of the same:
The Attorney General is accountable to the Legislative Assembly for the overall operations of the OIPRD. Her responsibility is to ensure that the agency’s independence is preserved at all times. To ensure that independence, the Attorney General cannot comment on, or become involved with specific complaints that have been filed with the OIPRD, or potential OIPRD complaints.
We have noted your concerns regarding your OIPRD complaints and the Independent Police Review Director.  Thank you for your feedback and for taking the time to contact the Ministry.
Agency and Tribunal Relations Division
Ministry of the Attorney General
Cc: Mr. Gerry McNeilly, Independent Police Review Director”
 Why the hell is Director McNeilly getting a copy of my correspondence with the Ministry.
Neither party bothered to read any of the details of the 20 page complaint or they would realize that the complaint is not about the OIPRD but about Director Gerry McNeilly. I provided proof he is guilty of criminal negligence in ignoring the detail provided in my complaint. That ignoral has resulted in another two years of Criminal Behavior by the OPP who are still in possession of the 4100 files: that fact alone damns him as malfeasant In the performance of his duty to seriously consider all complaints rendered against the Police.
At this point I have to assume that nothing has been done as far as following up with an examination of the evidence I provided and Director McNeilly is still in possession  of his title, his position, and his salary. I want to make this perfectly clear and you can pass this on to the Attorney General
1.   I want a signature on all correspondence. I will not deal with anonymous nobodies who escape any responsibility for their performance. i.e. Webmaster and Tribunal
2.   I want to know what is going to be done to Director McNeilly. I want him suspended from his duties as Director and charged with Criminal Negligence and I will accept nothing less. Six weeks have passed and he is still in control of the cops, he should be out on bail!
3.   I want transparency to know the status of any investigation now planned or under way and I want a source of follow up info. I would appreciate a designated person as the source of my advice if possible.
At this point I will leave whatever happens to you and wait for a response from the AG.
I feel it only fair to advise you that this letter will be published as a follow up to my post of my 20 page complaint “A Denunciation of Gerry McNeilly” on my blog Medical Marijuana with TheSmeeGoanGuy at http://goan-smee.blogspot.ca/
This is done not to pressure you but to advise the 4100 patients who had their file seized what progress I am making in getting a little justice done to a bunch of rat bastards.
I regret having to do this but reality is reality
Blaine Barrett