I have begun to believe my mind is full of tiny little topics that act like pimples.

No one can predict the order they start to fester in, or when they’ll get ripe and burst.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Year Ahead- Bumps and Hazards

( Shotgun Kiss by Megan Allard of Vancouver )


Good Bloody Question.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting more but this New Year poses some real new questions. I’ve been sitting her brainstorming trying to sort the crap out with regard to what I have already got going and what to start looking at.

1. <><><><><><><> Extensions <><><><><><><><><>

We’re only 3 weeks into the New Year and the game is changing again. FB rumor has it that HC is going to start granting extensions for what? Growth? Nobody knows what’s happening or is going to happen. When does the Crime for growing more than six plants take effect? Is Justice going to delay its implementation to help HC defuse the price crisis that is going to happen in April? We know there isn’t going to be any subsidization as long as Mr. Harper is in the Driver’s Seat: The Government he’s driving does have a reverse gear: he’s just too dumb to find it.

2. <><><><><><><> Doctors <><><><><><><><><>

Regardless of what the HC does, what are the Physicians going to do now? It doesn’t matter what HC does with licenses as long as Physicians are the only ones who can sign applications to get them and they refuse and stay on strike. I can’t see them backing off and that is going to cause very severe problems in the not too distant future.

Canadian doctors are totally hung up on their self image as a member of a Brotherhood: a brotherhood worthy of respect and admiration for its dedication to the welfare of their patients. They are not. The Brotherhood is in violation of its Oath.

Members of the Physicians’ brotherhood in ancient times were granted the honorific title Doctor to precede their name. This was more than recognition of the honor and respect due them for their physical sacrifice and service in the care of the community. They were an integral component of a village size pool of patients within which they voluntarily wandered, and lived with as they rendered their medical treatment. As a semi-family member these physicians were privy to all social relationships of the community he serviced.

The title Doctor was granted more in recognition of an individual’s wisdom and guidance as an empathetic counselor and source of comfort and understanding. He alone was intimately aware of all the pressures in play both on the individual patient, and the community dependant on that patient. He knew his patients from birth until death; he knew their contribution and what their loss would mean to every member of the community.

Now I get to criticize our Modern Members of the CMA for their arrogance in demanding the impossible knowledge that is already available and refusing to sign. They have no idea of the damage they are inflicting on the patient pool they are sworn to support and not harm. I think I am going to enjoy pointing their short comings out.

3. <><><>< More Criminal Cop Crap ><><><>

Whatever happens with Harpo, Health Canada and the doctors: it has bugger-all influence when it comes to the CCC (Corrupted Canadian Cops): They’ve got the Blue Brotherhood; the Only Cops investigate Cops restrictions, and the abuse of self incrimination pleas to escape any penalty or incriminate others. They have become callous, arrogant and abusive and now face no deterrent to their violations of law and rights. I will continue to press for prosection of the OPP for Criminal Negligence.That will be a continuing focus over the coming year.

I just sent a Freedom of Information request to the Ministry of Justice asking for the complete file of my refused complaint and appeal. That will take 30 days? So I have time to investigate the possibilities of a weapon that will scare the hell out of cops. I think we have one at hand but it is only useful if it results in making all cops apprehensive about their job security and bad conduct penalties TBA.

4. <><><><> Grow-op Bylaw Exemption ><><><><><><>

In regard to my Questions to Surrey City Council about an exemption for Personal and Dedicated Growth in the city Bylaw structure I spoke to a lawyer for the City of Surrey this week and I didn’t get very far with obtaining an answer. I could not get answers to specific questions and I honestly didn’t know if he had read my complaint so I asked him if he had. He said he had so I advised him I wanted a lot more specific answers and I wanted them in writing. He agreed and I am now waiting for that. TBA

5. <><><><><> The Israeli Photo Op <><><><><><><

So Monday, Parliament is back and we get to watch the Circus in motion when they get down to business.
Now we don’t have to wait for Stevie boy to get back and down to business, the break has been business as usual. He just got back from a trip to Israel and Arabville. He did his usual spouting of lies and throwing away of money that should better be spent at home.

He just kissed his buddy President Benjamin’s arse and bought the Israeli public with his show of support and anti- Muslim rhetoric. Then, to deal with a stupid war with no end, dumps a half billion bucks split between Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. He’s handing out money to sworn enemies like a fucking drunken sailor does a whore. One side’s going to finance illegal settlements and the other is going to buy arms. Israel, Palestine, Jordan can now expect a whore’s treatment and get a fucking of some sort sooner or later

That Photo Op pretty much was a sheer waste of money but I don’t think that was the point of the trip. The point of the trip was an attempt to impress the average Jewish voter that should there be an election in Canada, Hanukkah Harpo is the guy to promote. How I think he attempted to accomplish this is another post to look forward to. LOL

6. <><><><>Too Much Shit To List<><><><>

While the foregoing items are the focus of interest at the moment, this year will see the continuance of all the contentious issues that have resulted from the Conservatives attack on our social system with its built in protections of the citizenry. We have problems in almost every area of Government. Stephen Harper has intentionally invaded and corrupted departmental systems to control more and more of the functions of government. Shuffling personnel, changing departmental structures, changing committees to influence their decisions to favor the government: altering deadlines and reporting requirements to restrict or control information flow to the opposition.

No-one knows in what order they will surface but all of the areas neglected by the government are going to fester more in the next two years of King Harpo’s reign. Not much more to say now: we just get to sit and watch and hear what Stevie the Weevil is going to lie about next. On that depressing note, once I hit Publish on this post I’m going into the bathroom to have a little cry.

What a fucked up future!

I know!

“This too shall Pass”