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Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Request for Consideration re a Class Action Lawsuit

A Request for Consideration re a Class Action Lawsuit

An Introduction and Preface to my Request

I have no idea where this will lead or the consequences of my actions. I have been warned by smarter men than me including John Conroy that I shouldn’t do it, that I’m drawing a great big bulls-eye on my back for the cops to stab.
My Response

Tough shit! This is important!

I hadn’t thought of possible repercussions but I’ve been forewarned, so I’m advising you that if in the future I wind up charged with some heinous crime like domestic terrorism or pornography because of pictures planted on my illegally seized Computer, don’t be surprised.

Vengeance is mine sayeth the Blue Brotherhood,

Today I am attempting to initiate a Class Action Lawsuit on behalf of myself and 4100+ other Medical Marihuana Licensees who had their files seized and held by Sergeant Mark Duval of the OPP after raiding Dr. Rob Kamermans office on January 26, 2012. I am alleging that the holding of those files for this extended period constitutes Criminal Negligence under Section 219 of the Criminal Code.

The following Request for Consideration was sent to severalmajor Class Action Litigation firms in Canada simultaneously with the publication of this Post. I will not identify those firms and by open publication of my request, any and all Class Action lawyers can judge its merits and decide if they would consider representing 4100 sick patients who were intentionally damaged by one police officer acting in the name of the law that he, intentionally or not, broke.

I did this on my own without consultation with anyone because I am a vindictive SOB and too much damage has been done to my Brotherhood of Victims to not demand reparations. I am doing so because if I can convince one of those firms that there is a legitimate case and accept it, I set in motion an action that cannot be stopped even if I croak because there is the potential for great profit if the case can be won. If I assume that a minimum recovery of $1000 per victim would be reasonable with a pool of 4000 victims that is $4 Million and beaucoup bucks for our legal representative if they win.

This is on a straight trade basis: they take on all risk and expense for their possible win and the collection of about 1/3 of the money pool awarded. They shove some money in my pocket; I don’t begrudge them a finders fee even larger if they crucify a few cops and politicians along the way..

Once the case is submitted to a court and accepted, a public notification will be made and anyone who had their file seized will be able to share in any win simply by adding their name to the victim list. There is no cost or necessary effort required and then it is waiting to see. If anything more were required it would be a request to supply the nature and cost of the damage you have suffered in order to estimate the overall severity and impact of harm done by the Negligence.

If you are a victim don’t do anything yet just let me know you are aware and would like to participate. The waiting to see what happens has started and I’m among you.

I have come to the conclusion that the only way that the Harper cruds can be made to back off is to tell the public the truth about the slime-ball tactics they are employing and arouse enough outrage and support to threaten Harpo politically. One of my main curiosities is just how the mainstream media will play a lawsuit of this nature? Are they curious enough to go and dig up some more dirt: or are they going to ignore it as effectively as they have blacked out the outrageous persecution of Dr. Kamermans?

What led me to start this action? I share a fatal flaw with Dr. Kamermans in that we come from a generation that valued matters of principle. To be a man of Character was a matter of pride and we both had mothers with high principles who drilled its fundamentals into us.
So where does this “Character” get us in this modern day and age.

Not very far at all apparently

Dr. Kamermans saw a population of “patients” with a medical need that he could legally fulfill by signing application. For this he has been arrested and persecuted by the Bancroft police into personal ruin before he has even been brought to trial.
So much for “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”
So where does that leave me?
I have to bear witness!
I am doing so
How will our police state react to my Freedom of Speech?

This simply a test exercise of my Freedom to Speak


A Request for Consideration re a Class Action Lawsuit

My name is Blaine Barrett
I live at 255, 10202-149St., Surrey, BC V3R 3Z8
SIN: 606-283-653
I have a Health Canada License to obtain and possess cannabis
Phn: 604-585-0236

I have been the victim of Criminal Negligence by Sergeant Mark Duval of the Ontario Provincial Police and his superiors at the Central Hastings Detachment in Madoc, Ont. I am accompanied by 4100 other as a consequence of the arrest of Dr.Rob Kamermans, the seizure of his Medical Files and the refusal and failure to return them to their owners

On January 26, 2012 Sergeant Duval and a force of combined OPP and RCMP officers entered the office of Dr. Rob Kamermans at 2230 Hwy 620, Cob Hill, On  K0L 1P0: arrested him and served him with a search warrant for his office. They were accompanied by Swat Team members armed with assault rifles who immediately secured the area to prevent any terrorist attack and announced their arrival with a parade of cop cars, flashing lights and sirens that no one within sight or hearing could avoid noticing: The objective- Guaranteed headlines.

Dr’ Kamermans and his wife were alone in the office at the time of the invasion. They were arrested, handcuffed, forced to pose in front of a cop car for pictures of their arrest. Sergeant Duval and cohorts proceeded to ransack the office in a search for evidence of some unknown crime. In this process, Sergeant Duval seized and removed 4000+ medical records for inspection of their contents. He knew they were of vital importance to their owners, full of secret information he wanted but covered by Medical Confidentiality: so did all his superiors.

I do not believe that access to the contents of 4000 file can be justified by one single search warrant for a Doctor’s office. The Official Policies of both the Canadian Medical Association and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario state that the contents of any medical file in the custody of a Doctor can only be revealed to medical professional necessary for treatment.

Any outside third party access must be authorized by a warrant for that file. Every file was entitled to secrecy and a warrant. If this was an intentional illegal breach of privacy by the police it was an illegal act repeated every time they stuck their noses into a file. And on and on.

None of that matters to me because I’ve tried to find out for over a year if it was legal and failed. No one will answer at any level of responsibility.

It does not matter whether file secrecy was illegally breached or not, what makes me a victim and entitled to recourse and justice is that Sergeant Mark Duval failed to return files with the utmost speed to the patients to whom they belonged. Every person in the chain of command knew that the failure to return these documents to their rightful owners was to cause great hardship and inconvenience

I am one of the patients who had their applications seized. There is no record of my application because it wasn’t yet in the files: it was waiting for me to get back to them with a replacement cheque. He had not yet signed my application and all my documentation was in the Hold file. I submitted my application in Mid-January and got the call a week later but hadn’t sent a replacement cheque yet because there was no rush. I was outraged by the seizure, inspection and refusal to return the medical files. It was a outrageous invasion of privacy but I couldn’t complain. My file had not yet been formally entered as a Medical File in his records and not yet subject to Medical Confidentiality as private. It was just laying there, wide open.

It was only two weeks ago that I became aware of Criminal Code Section 219

Criminal Code – Criminal Negligence
·        219. (1) Everyone is criminally negligent who
(a) in doing anything, or
(b) in omitting to do anything that it is his duty to do,
shows wanton or reckless disregard for the lives and safety of
other persons..

Sergeant Mark Duval, The Central Hastings Detachment supervisor and everyone in the OPP chain of command right up to Queens Park and on up to the prime Minister was aware of the arrest and that 4000+ Medical files had been seized and held as evidence, It was front page news and a subject of controversy and discussion at the time of the seizure. Nobody lifted one God Damned finger to stop the crime in progress. It is common and accepted knowledge that Medical Files are not only private but also of critical importance in the treatment of the patient should there be any change in his condition. In times of emergency these are the only source of any medical knowledge of the patient’s condition prior to the current trauma.

Sergeant Duval and everyone in his chain of command knew that there would be serious consequences to the patients who owned them if the files were not promptly returned and there was an emergency. That is simply common sense and a fact. There is no excuse of ignorance on the part of the whole chain that this was a flagrant violation of Criminal Code Section 219 that every law enforcement officer should do no third party harm.

They were fully aware that they would intentionally be creating the risk of great harm in an emergency. What is more contemptible is that this was in search of information that was beyond their legal reach in the top secret files of Health Canada at the Medical Marihuana Access Division. The identities, locations, class of grow-op, capability and size, the most importantly the expiry date of every one of 4000+ Medical Marijuana The last date of issue was before New Years 2012 so every one of them has now expired.

Sergeant Duval is still holding these files and has not returned them, and not one of the superiors above him countermanded his action and ordered their return before anyone suffered any harm from their inaccessibility. What is most contemptible is that all them also was aware that all licenses had a one year expiry and to not return them and deny access to all the extremely valuable medical documentation they contained was an intentional obstruction of the renewal of every Medical Marijuana license.

The resultant harm can now be tallied up and it is time the cops were stopped from arresting and charging medical marijuana grow-ops and possessors when their crime was the direct result of the arresting cops preventing their renewal. It’s a premeditated entrapment.

There have been many more serious cases of patients who have been harmed by lack of access to their medication and I have heard of one death before information requested was forthcoming after great efforts to get its release. A great number of symptom recurrences and physical agony resulting from the inability to grow and maintain an adequate supply of what should have been their legal medication supply.

I think the failure to recognize the consequences of their action was intentional and criminally negligent. Sergeant Duval was aware of the consequences of his actions and simply ignored the damage he was causing. To me this is a wanton and reckless disregard for the lives or safety of others and a violation of Criminal Code Section 219. The chain of command was aware of and ignored his actions and did not order him to cease and desist immediately. They were aware of the damage being done and by failing to correct their subordinate similarly showed a wanton and reckless disregard for the lives or safety of others and are guilty of a similar violation of the Criminal Code.

That is my complaint. I am a victim, I have been damaged and I have a lot of company who are as angry as I.
Blaine Barrett
This is not an isolated instance of the intentional disregard of Section 219. It has become common practice for and increasing number of police actions across Canada. As just one of two examples I know of a licensed designated grower whose license expired because of the callous disregard shown in my case. It may be hearsay but it appeared in Facebook.

It was a large facility handling two grows for patients with authorization for large quantities of edible cannabis. The grower was arrested, his crop chopped, all cannabis seized, all grow equipment worth thousands destroyed or confiscated. They were fully aware that the two licenses to grow were large and destined for patients with symptoms severe enough to warrant the size of the licenses: and that the cannabis that they destroyed was a legal medication and to confiscate it was to initiate the recurrence of pain, nausea, and manifold other symptoms.

There have been multiple similar instances of smaller personal and designated grow ops being shut down because of the intentional obstruction of their license renewals.

In a similar vein, the police disregard for the necessity of dispensaries and their arbitrary closure causes great harm and inconvenience to every one of their customers. They don’t sell to the street, they sell only to licensed customers and their closure has the same effect as chopping down a designated grow op.

Today is May 20, 2013 and as I write this the cops are in full scale callous disregard of Section 219 and are still knowingly inflicting harm to innocent third parties per the following Headlines today:

Medicinal pot patients risk safety in search of weed

Closure of a Halifax dispensing club forces patients to seek illegal drug sources

CBC News Posted: May 11, 2013 7:21 PM