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Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Roadblock Ahead.

 Roadblock! Tilt?

I’m back.

About the time of my last post, I ran into a roadblock! I’ve been scratching my head ever since. Result? The simple truth is that this blog has been a total waste of time because it has been entirely misdirected. I’ve had Harper and his arseholeocracy crew in my sights because the entire Medical Marijuana is buggered up and it’s their problem. That is true but it has nothing to do with my problem regarding Personal and Designated growth.

It doesn’t matter what finally results from the current Medical Marijuana and Legalization fooforall in Ottawa. Any result is totally immaterial to the problem of Personal and Designated growth. They can either keep cannabis a Controlled Substance or Legalize it and that will take years. It’s established that anyone now having a medical need for marijuana has rights and one is the right to grow their own for personal use. That isn’t going to change.

Having established your Federal and Provincial rights to grow Legal Marijuana
Now comes the most important question of all.

Where are you going to Legally grow it?

Nowhere in Canada!!!

There is not a municipality in this country that has a bylaw that will permit Legal growth of marijuana on the piddley-assed size operation required to grow a personal stash.

Now What?

This post is still a work in progress, lots more to follow