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Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Holy Harper Trinity- Lies, Distortion and Bullshit

The Holy Harper Trinity

“Heil” Hitler = “Heel” Harpo

Stephen simply follows his orders

Two years ago on Thursday, 28 April 2012 our fearless leader Stephen Harper once more could not contain his true nature and blurted another of his distortions of history. It was a truly despicable lie about Mr. J.S. Woodsworth, the leader of the CCF party in 1939 and Canada was to enter the war against Hitler.
Mr. Woodsworth was the only MP to vote against our entry into the war.
Mr. Harper seized on this one action and then intentionally implied it showed the act to be a cravenly act of cowardice and an indication of Nazi sympathies when he stated for the Hansard:
“The leader of the NDP, in 1939, did not even want to support war against Hitler."
Nova Scotia MP Scott Armstrong and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird almost immediately echoed Harper in portraying Mr. J.S. Woodsworth as worthy of condemnation when they both repeated his statement:
“I would ask whether we are to risk the lives of our Canadian sons to prevent the action of Hitler.' "
It seems a horrible thing for Fearless Leader and his chief sycophants to say and casts Mr. Woodsworth and his CCF Party firmly in the enemy camp.
Not so fast!
Let’s put things back into their proper perspective!
During the debate on Canada’s entry into the war, then PM Mackenzie King had this to say about the same cowardly craven man that Stephen despises:
"There are few men in this Parliament for whom I have greater respect than the leader of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. I admire him in my heart, because time and again he has had the courage to say what lays on his conscience, regardless of what the world might think of him. A man of that calibre is an ornament to any Parliament."
The reason for the difference in opinion is simple: King pays honest tribute to a rivals reputation and character. Harper distorts the truth of history and assassinates any rivals reputation and character.
Why would he do that?
He comes up inferior when compared to a true Canadian patriot!
How So?
1.    Both are founders of a major political party
2.    Woodworth the CCF: Harper the Cons
3.    Both men claimed a deep religious belief in the Ten Commandments
4.    Woodworth as an ordained Methodist Minister: Harper as a Fundamentalist Fireball
5.    Woodworth stands by his principles: Harper abandons them if defeated.
6.    Woodworth was a lifelong observer of “Thou Shalt Not Kill”: A righteous Conscientious Objector opposed to all war. He refused to abandon his principles when face with absolute opposition.
7.    Harper on the other hand ignores most if not all the Commandments and seems totally unfamiliar with Christianity! His Afghan policy shows his ignorance of Commandment #6:   “Thou shalt not kill.” He prides himself in breaking the Eighth Commandment daily: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour!”
8.    He misinterprets the Golden Rule: “Do Unto Others” As “Do it First and Do it Dirty!”
9.    His blockage of the torture inquiry clearly demonstrates his knowledge of and his intent to conceal the breaking of the
Silver Rule:
One should not treat others in ways that
one would not like to be treated.”
Oh! The Prime Ministers Office just denied he knew anything about that one!
As far as the majority of his other personal attacks go Dion and Iggy and other politicians can defend themselves but as I previously commented:
Stephen Harper just hit a new low,
One that brands him a knave
He slandered a man far better than he
Verbally pissed on his grave

The Holy Harper Trinity = Lies Distortion and Bullshit
Remember That!

Blaine Barrett