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Friday, 17 February 2012

Liars, Hypocrites, and Fake Christians?

Smee again:
Vic Toews  is a Liar, Hypocrite, and Fake Christian.

I could not pass up re-posting a comment by Kristen—T made in the Globe and Mail today re “Facing a backlash, Ottawa moves to retool Cybercrime bill”. I took the liberty of combining it with another and embellishing them somewhat

Vic Toews  is a liar, hypocrite, and a fake Christian.

He broke election laws in
Manitoba and he plead guilty to the charge and paid a fine.

He represents a Bible belt riding and bases his campaigns on traditional family values and morality. He preaches and moralizes ad nauseum and claims he worshiped his wife.

Well in between his pontificating, preaching, and moralizing he found the time to fuck a woman 30 years younger than himself and father another little bastard to hide in the closet. All the time he was pontificating about the reverence of traditional marriage and the sins of affairs and adultery he was bonking his girlfriend. He could not keep it in his pants. As far as sexual predation goes, it’s my theory that he is one. Thirty years younger makes her a child and him a pervert who can’t pass up younger pussy.

That is Vic Toews. Lecherous Old goat, BS artist and proud member of the select Harper Cabinet.

What do child predators and the Harper government have in common? Just like Vic, they break their vows, inappropriately cross and violate the boundaries of others for their own selfish gain, and have no regard for human rights or consequences.

This bill violates the civil liberties of Canadian citizens. In many respects it is no different in its intent and its insidiousness than any other kind of violation. It's just plain creepy that Toews is exploiting the sexual predation of children - and victims - to further his plan, which has very little to do with apprehending pedophiles and everything to do with setting up a police state. This is the birth of fascism in this country. And people would be complete fools to fall for his pretence of caring about child victims. Everything about this government cares naught for citizens, whether it's old people, military veterans, or children.
Toews is typical of the whole cabinet,
Just another liar and hypocrite.
Blaine Barrett